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Comment Re:Will it tunnel applications? (Score 5, Informative) 164

If I can expect a windows machine to have an ssh daemon capable of tunneling the RDP port to my machine locally, I would be gaining a lot. Such as no longer exposing RDP directly to the client via a VPN.

ssh -L 3389: myusername@somewindowsserver

Run that, and then try to connect to remote desktop on your local machine. It works with any proper SSH server, including Cygwin. Do you have any other requests?

Comment Re:Government Goons (Score 1) 64

When I travel by air I always wear a latex catsuit, waist-cinching back-laced corset, and ballet boots. The security screeners look really uncomfortable. Finally found a way to turn the tables on those privacy invasion actors.

Curiously, this is exactly why Stephen Fry is no longer allowed to fly to many airports.

Comment Re:Donna Ford (Score 3, Interesting) 445

She is a whining because Whites (and Asians .. but we won't mention that) actually do homework and prep before taking the exams and makes it out like it is cheating. Families are actually using strategy!!! God forbid.

The article didn't even try to explain this but actual gifted education programs don't look at your SAT scores or your third grade report card. What they should be doing is looking at scores from WISC (or WPPSI for younger students), Stanford-Binet or something similar. These are basically IQ tests which cover a variety of cognitive functions, but they must be given individually and can take several hours to administer and analyze. While it is possible to "cram" for an intelligence test, and it can skew the final results, it is difficult to cheat your way to a higher score. As the test is given one-on-one, a competent examiner should be able to spot that anyway.

From what I can tell most US school boards prefer to use CogAT, which is a simpler and cheaper test which can be given to an entire class at once and then automatically graded by feeding the answer sheets into a Roomba. Okay, I made up that last part but it's a multiple choice test, with all of the budgetary benefits that entails. There are a number ethically questionable test-prep services who will happily slip you a copy of the latest CogAT in exchange for a few portraits of Andrew Jackson so yes, it is comparatively easy to cheat at this test if you have the connections to know what is coming up and the cash to buy the answers. Poorer or more naive students, who may actually believe that this is a test of cognitive abilities or that admission into a "gifted" program is based only on ability, would be left behind.

Comment Re: Without government... (Score 1) 471

A large part of the cost of housing in the US these days is due to codes. Yes, that is a big drain on the economy and a big obstacle to housing affordability.

You said it. If only big government would let people who clearly know what they are doing take care of hooking up their own gas lines, stop having so-called inspectors shut down private homes because they "smell funny", not harass honest builders over which materials they use in construction, and allow small busineses to take care of maintenance on their own, then life would be much better.

Think of all the money that could be saved!

Comment Re:Without government... (Score 1) 471

>tax evasion I don't mind paying taxes, because it is for common good and supports the really poor. But when the traitor government starts giving welfare to everyone, starts brining immigrants here and gives them more than poor local people have, ... then I say: screw government.

I'm pretty sure that marinating immigrants in salt water would be a serious problem.

Do you have any evidence to support your allegations of brining?

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