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Comment Re:HR is the problem. (Score 1) 218

If the system requires you do anything else like say fuck the CEOs daughter just to get a job interview then it is painfully obvious that the system is badly broken. And that is my point. It is clearly badly broken, but people already in the system like it because it limits competition and keeps wages higher.

If I were hiring I'd be looking for a balance of IQ and testable knowledge and if they seem like they would work hard or enjoy the job. A degree and work experience are nice but there is no substitute for intelligence. For a coding job submitting some completed programs should really be enough. I'd rather hire the better or smarter programmer even if he doesn't have a degree.

Comment Re:New? (Score 1) 218

Any business is going to want to hire you if you can demonstrate to them that you have the skills and experience to help them make money.

Did you see this in a dream? Some kind of drug fueled visionquest? In reality CEOs don't come by your house to see how awesome your skills are despite having no degree or experience.

Instead they hire HR drones who couldn't give a fuck about your skills, but do care about not getting fired. They don't schedule interviews with clearly unqualified candidates because as I said they don't want to get fired. They don't care if you have an IQ of 180 and can write more optimized compilers than Intel in your sleep. I suppose you might get an interview though if you put a gun to their head but you'd probably end up in jail or dead and still unemployed.

Comment Re: Yes, but... (Score 1) 218

You are thinking of the 80s. I know people who got programming jobs without degrees in the late 80s but that was the end of that. By the 90s hiring practices became more unified and there were basically no jobs for people without degrees. By the early 90s you needed both a degree and at least 1 year of experience or no job. Period. Full stop. I was there. I speak from firsthand experience. Also the idea that someone without a degree or relevant work experience would even be granted an interview is laughable. You'd be more likely to get struck by lightning. Total fantasy.

Comment Re:Victory! (Score 1) 165

Google 'natural rights' and John Locke. Those are the principles this crazy country was based on. The idea that human beings have a thing called 'rights' that no one can give or take away but can only ignore or violate or respect. Read and ponder and realize that the US was a country founded by Libertarian nutjobs. Or at least that is how most Americans would see them. Maybe they'd even be considered terrierists. The country was founded by extremists but they don't run things anymore. If they were here they would almost certainly want to nuke washington dc and revolt all over again.

Comment attack is such a loaded word (Score 1) 44

Wouldn't a 'security probe' or 'multiple failed logins' or something of that nature be more accurate? I've had enough of all these bad and misleading analogies. Is computer security really so hard? Just enforce secure passwords and multifactor authentication and take it seriously. Account lockout after 10 unsuccessful attempts etc. And don't use Microsoft software of any kind.

Comment Re:idiotic and impossible (Score 1) 133

I checked it out. He thinks it's impossible because...expansion joints and because the atmosfear is too heavy. Right. Sorry but his analysis is bullshit and he nitpicks at lots of things that are irrelevant to the main idea. Like whether powering it with solar panels is viable or what the price of a ticket will be. Who gives a shit? A regular high speed train doesn't need to be solar powered and neither does a hyperloop and if the tickets are expensive so what? It will be a train system for the rich then. It will still be cool and maybe someone will eventually figure out how to build a cheaper vacuum tunnel transportation system that the common people can ride in. This is just the start. Guessing the future is always a bad idea but if I had to guess I would say vacuum tunnels are a good guess at what our ground transportation will look like in a few hundred years. It is also easier to power without fossil fuels than aircraft and we may run out of fossil fuels in less than a hundred years.

I get that people don't like new ideas or that maybe people just don't like Elon Musk, but at least be honest in an analysis of the engineering challenges. It is most certainly not an impossible or ridiculous dream. It's doable from an engineering POV. It's just very very expensive and there may be problems maintaining the vacuum in practice.

Comment Does the NSA have their own webmail service yet? (Score 1) 322

I guess the NSA doesn't need their own webmail because they pretty much have open access to all the big American webmail companies. For some reason I have the idea that Gmail in particular is like home base for the NSA.

If you have a gmail account you basically have to assume that everything you write there will be permanently stored and searchable in an the NSA text database. I guess some people are cool with that though. A lot of people don't care. It doesn't really bother me that much either, but it's not like there isn't a choice. So I go with offshore webmail instead.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 520

Not sure I understand. I thought the whole point of Libertarianism was that everyone acting in their own best interest achieves the best result overall?

No. The point of Libertarianism is non-coercion or voluntarism. Which system happens to produce the most widgets at the best price is precisely NOT the point of it.

now you're saying that in order to achieve what you consider to be the best result overall, you have to act against your own interests?

If you are very poor then yes. That's a possibility. It might be in my best interest at least financially to rob a bank, but that is clearly not in the best interest of the bank or of society overall. If you don't have a job and have no prospects of getting one or if you are just very very poor then obviously a more socialist system might be helpful. In my case I am just very very poor. So in terms of money I might be better off in a more Robin Hood-ish system, but I don't believe such systems are just or as efficient as something more laissez faire.

Something like one of those experimental Minimum Basic Income systems would be particularly great. Although I'm not sure it can be made to work especially since I think there is a tendency to choose a pretty high Minimum Basic possibly because the people designing the system are obscenely rich and can't imagine that it is possible to live on less money. Instead of erring on the high side as I am sure they are doing they should be erring on the low side and raising it only if it seems effective at that initial level.

Comment Re:I don't see how searching means anything (Score 1) 709

Just because you search for something doesn't indicate what you feel about it, good or bad. It doesn't doesn't mean you're "in" to it, maybe just doing research for the sake of knowledge.

Exactly. What has happened to the level of critical thinking on Slashdot. I had to scroll almost all the way down the comments to find a single comment questioning the validity of assuming google searches are anything more than requests for information. Google searches really only tell you what people are curious about. Not what they believe. They are questions. Not answers.

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