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Comment Re:Remember kids... (Score 1) 122

And what kind of experience would you look for in a candidate to manage a $180M telescope? Some who just graduated high school?

I'd look for a PhD holders with any radio telescope experience and choose the best candidate from those. Or better yet actively recruit candidates. If there are only like 40 people in the world who might fit the requirements you may as well just contact all of them and ask if they want the job. More realistically don't require 20 years of experience because that is ridiculous. After the first 2 or 3 years you aren't going to be learning much. You just need a highly intelligent person with appropriate education who knows how to use radio telescopes.

Comment Re:Nuclear hate? (Score 1) 375

Well France is not talking about moving away from nuclear power are they? Because they are the only nuclear powered country in the world they would be the logical first choice for something like this. From the point of view of atmospheric warming which is what everyone seems to be so worried about moving away from nuclear power would be extremely stupid.

If France actually passes this as law and does not repeal it in the next two decades it will be interesting to see what happens. Although I probably won't be around to see it. I would imagine that used cars will become much more valuable and old junky cars will became a great investment there. I don't think it will immediately have a major effect, but by 2050 most rich French people will probably either be driving old Ferraris or new Teslas. Poor people will just keep fixing their old cars for decades.

Comment Re:Is the production of new vehicles accounted for (Score 1) 375

I've never heard anyone say, "Gee, I'd love to drive over there but the fuel is too expensive."

Well maybe they did not say it out loud but were thinking it. Fuel cost was the main reason I did not eat at my favorite city restaurants more often when I lived in a US suburb. I had wished for some cheaper form of transportation to get into the city and back. Public transportation certainly was not it. That cost more than driving. I was looking around for a motorcycle with a small efficient engine even though it was in the northeast where it is cold most of the year. Where I am living now there are relatively cheap 100/125cc motorcycles that can get over 100 mpg, but they are pretty much unavailable in the US for some reason.

Comment Re:Is the production of new vehicles accounted for (Score 1) 375

Not completely meaningless - it establishes momentum, and serves notice to industry that they should get more serious about focusing investment in the relevant technologies.

It only gives them notice if they truly believe it is actually going to happen. It is unclear whether that is the case here.

Comment why call it 'carpooling'? (Score 1) 245

The thing I don't understand is that they aren't really carpool lanes. They are party car lanes. If you bring extra bodies you go faster. So you get people trying to convince their friends and family to go with them instead of going alone. The additional weight in the vehicle burns more gas but you get where you want to go faster so it's probably worth it even to poor Indonesians. Still it must waste and burn a lot of extra fuel.

The whole idea of carpooling is kind of ridiculous. Most neighbors don't have the same travel destination at the same time. That is not our world. Carpooling is not a solution to anything and certainly won't help solve traffic problems. An easy fix to traffic problems in places like Indonesia is just to ban cars at peak times. Only allow motorcycles and buses. Actually turning some lanes into motorcycle only lanes could be a middle ground.

Comment extraordinary claims require some evidence (Score 1) 389

This is so obviously just that one angry ugly lesbo chick getting publicity for her bullshit case. I certainly hope she is not a reflection of most women in tech. She's just trying to game the system for her own advantage. Probably someone at the company pissed her off and this is the result.

What I find sad is not so much how women seem to circle the wagons despite a complete lack of evidence but that there are so many male turncoat white knight types who will no doubt automatically side with them despite not even being wanted over there. Women like this stoke the flames and encourage the inherent animosity between the sexes. I'm all for Make Love Not War but if women want to fight against the other 50% of the population that's fine. I know which side I'm on.

Comment Re:Seems pretty straightforward to me... (Score 1) 944

But why is the guy's name newsworthy? You really care if his name is Jake Smith or Fred Simpson or whatever? Does anyone really care about that? The only people who would care are the crazies who would try to track him down and injure or kill him or something like that. Either naming him or threatening to do so if he doesn't STFU seems to be a kind of punishment for his unpopular views and punishing people for unpopular beliefs is an odd thing for a news organization to be doing.

Comment Re: Gain for the upper elite, sure (Score 1) 257

I work in tech in canada, and there is a shortage of skilled labor, in many areas. I wish i would get more resumes from Canada, but i don't.

So you want to import PhDs from Western Europe and Japan? From places with equal or better education than Canada? Or are we talking places where people shit in the street and drink their own urine and where you really can't tell whether those degrees they have mean anything at all? If you want to import highly educated foreigners with advanced degrees and pay more than the local market wage for them I don't think you will get many complaints, but I highly doubt that is what this is. This isn't about importing highly intelligent German or Swiss or Japanese labor with reputations and advanced degrees at well known universities. Maybe you are the exception, but the point remains. This is mostly about trying to put a downward pressure on the local price of labor and not so much about Canadians being dumber or less educated than Indians or Pakistanis or whatever poor third world country this is mostly about in Canada.

Comment Re:So over 50 is out of the question? (Score 1) 209

By my mid-40's I gave up on the idea of becoming a daddy. Even if my swimmers could produce a viable baby, I'd be 70 when that child would be going off to college. It just wouldn't be fair to that child.

Are you kidding? It would be better for the child because when you die he gets your stuff. Also you may have more time to spend with him than when you were younger and might not be as bothered by the mind-numbing boredom of interacting with kids.

Comment Re: Not Soon Enough (Score 1) 209

Only for dumb people. If you are intelligent and you breed with another intelligent person they probably won't be an idiot. So it depends. If you have an IQ of at least 140 then you should probably be breeding for the good of humanity. If you are smart your genetic code includes instructions for building a proper brain and that is what makes us human.

Comment Re:it ticks but on different tune (Score 1) 209

Sounds like you must have a small cock.

Well you need an enormous cock to have sex with an older woman because of their ginormous whale vaginas. So yeah if you are average sized or less it's best to stick with girls in their teens and early to mid 20s which is what we all want anyway. Let the guys with the enormous tent-poles have the soccer moms. The rest of us can stick with the fresh-from-the-factory ones that still have that new car smell and a vag that hasn't been pounded a hundred thousand times and still has some elasticity and muscle tone.

Comment Re:Responsible Progressive analysis (Score 1) 209

We are fully grown by our late teens/early 20's. We are at our physical peak around that time. We have the energy for child rearing. It would make sense to bear and raise children in that neighborhood. The extended childhood experiment that we tried out some time ago worked pretty well, it allowed for teenages to gather a little bit of wisdom before getting out on their own. But there are limits to extended childhood, and the extreme narrowing of fertility.

Yes biologically speaking this makes sense, but our species also wants to be happy and breeding tends to make us unhappy and want to die soon. Children suck all the life out of you like little vampires and makes the mother less attractive (breasts like half deflated water balloons and mega-vagina) and sometimes less interested in sex. In some species the mother dies soon after giving birth. I think it is true in our species as well except that the death is a psychological one: the death of all enjoyment of life, of all happiness and it applies to both parents and not just the mother. So if you want to live a happy life it makes sense to have children only after most of the enjoyment of life has already passed. So I think waiting for the last few eggs to have children is a great idea. Yes it's more selfish, but we only get one life. Why not surf that wave right to the beach?

For men I think the ideal time to have kids is in your 50s or even 60s. For women early 40s is optimal if you are going for the one child ideal. 38 or 39 if you want 2 or 3 of those life-stealing, mole-rat looking creatures. I'm not yet 50 and have never had any desire to have children but it is too early now anyway. Child rearing is something you do when you are getting ready to die.

Comment Re:Younger Sperm Donors (Score 1) 209

So what you're saying is that men are desperate

Men are more desperate because men actually enjoy relationships more than women do. Women often don't care if they have a boyfriend or not. Men always care. Men always want a girlfriend and always want to be having sex. Women often don't care that much if they are having sex or not. So basically one sex cares more because they enjoy the experience more.

Comment Re:Younger Sperm Donors (Score 1) 209

Let's be honest, women put a tremendous amount of effort into getting a date, too.

Only if they are old or ugly. The young pretty ones that are the ones we all care about don't give it much thought at all. They just choose among the most handsome suitors and that is that. They put a lot of effort into looking as beautiful as possible but that is more of a power thing. Being a beautiful girl gives you superpowers and they want to be as powerful as possible just as anyone would. They don't worry about getting dates.

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