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Comment Re:36 million units sold in 2011 (Score 1) 528

I live in a town affected by this - in fact, we are now the main hostess factory to begin production and our city is looking forward to the 250 to 300 jobs returning. The big point I always heard from the actual workers here, is that a lot of pension money was diverted, and most of the workers lost all of their retirement money. The striking unions figured it was better to just kill the company and hope for better management.

Of course, the new management is pretty much the same old people.. and they aren't hiring anyone who actually went on strike. Nice move there.

The best I can hope is that the silly union rules mentioned elsewhere in this thread are no longer there, which may allow for a more profitable business. I don't have any info on what the new job salaries are, or benefits, though. I would not be surprised if it is lower than before. Well, except for management.

Comment Re:Golden Corral (Score 1) 303

Maybe, but I've never seen a buffet discourage its customers from eating more food.

I have worked a pizza place that asked a family not to come back. 4 people, and when we saw them come in the door, we put 5-10 pizzas in the oven to replace the buffet that was about to get decimated.

Comment Re:If two people lock down a major city.... (Score 1) 604

If two people with makeshift bombs can cause a major city to go on lockdown, isn't the message to terrorists that a multi-city disruption -- say, shutting down from Boston to Philly -- wouldn't take very many people or that much coordination?

Well, the other major message could also be that the entire population of said city is going track you down, cooperate with law enforcement when needed, and when you are either dead or captured, go back to business as usual.

Comment Re:PHP (Score 1) 192

Sure, PHP has its fair share of design flaws,

I think you seriously understate what's wrong with PHP. Beside all the things that is mentioned in that article, I love how you suggest several php frameworks that attempt to be like Rails but all built on such a flawed language.

And Rails is not hard to deploy any more... that argument is several years out of date.

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