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Comment Re:Awesome legal hacking by plaintif (Score 1) 571

Last Week Tonight's recent show was on "debt buyers", who use a similar technique of gambling that people won't show up in court. They buy debt from banks for half a cent on the dollar, sue for the money, defendant doesn't show up, so by default (still) owes the whole amount -- debt buyer makes a big profit.

Comment Re:AI could with by cheating with insane micro (Score 2) 173

It's definitely keyboard, not mostly mouse. I think APM of 300 is more normal, but peaks of 500 happen. But APM includes things like "spamming" hotkeys, where you hotkey your buildings to say keys 4, 5, 6 and flick through them to check whether they're done building/training, and clicking like crazy before a unit can train yet (to make sure it starts ASAP). Example of Flash playing SC2.

There's another thing called EPM, which is Effective actions Per Minute. That eliminates most of the spammy kind of things (there's also where you right-click spam with the mouse on the ground many times to order a unit to go to basically one place but you're sort of perfecting the position, for example).

Comment Re:Lies, damn lies and statistics (Score 2) 201

I guess this is under the umbrella of Simpson's paradox. The summary and blog linked to don't seem to show numbers of people in each category; for example, $1.003 for blacks but there could be only 1% black employees. And like your links say, things can be sliced in other ways too, like what number of this or that category are part time versus full time, interns/age/experience, carreer choices/preferences, etc.

Comment Re:Fuck him (Score -1, Troll) 182

Bullshit propaganda. Some local very wealthy people had some less wealthy brown-nosers (Samuel Adams beer? that was after a "small loan" of 1000 pounds from daddy) persuade poor farmers who rented land that they should side with the local very weathy people instead of the very wealthy people back in England. A quarter of the population who were either enslaved or indentured (temporarily enslaved) were ignored, and occasionally revolted (before and during the Revolution) but were viciously put down by for example the very very very wealthy hero George Washington. The poor farmers who sided with the local wealthy people went from being tenants renting land, to having mortgages on loans to the buy the land. We've not even gotten to the natives yet. "preserving freedom"....

Submission + - Sphere Packing Solved in Higher Dimensions (

An anonymous reader writes: In a pair of papers posted online this month, a Ukrainian mathematician has solved two high-dimensional versions of the centuries-old “sphere packing” problem. In dimensions eight and 24 (the latter dimension in collaboration with other researchers), she has proved that two highly symmetrical arrangements pack spheres together in the densest possible way.

Mathematicians have been studying sphere packings since at least 1611, when Johannes Kepler conjectured that the densest way to pack together equal-sized spheres in space is the familiar pyramidal piling of oranges seen in grocery stores. Despite the problem’s seeming simplicity, it was not settled until 1998, when Thomas Hales, now of the University of Pittsburgh, finally proved Kepler’s conjecture in 250 pages of mathematical arguments combined with mammoth computer calculations.

Comment not the bot (Score 1) 517

Before I turned off Cortana, I found her and the whole Windows 10 experience patronizing as hell. When installing or updating, the background fades in and out soothingly when you have to wait, or says things like "Don't worry, your files will still be right where you put them". I don't attribute all this to some AI named Cortana, but rather to Microsoft itself. Treating users like scared idiots, scolding them for "harassment", automatically installing things, all the privacy violation; I think it's more like conditioning people to submit to Microsoft's authority rather than the bot's. When will they "ground" people ("you've been looking at naughty things, no porntube for you!")?

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