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Comment Re:Google needs to be regulated (Score 1) 279

FWIW, I've switched to DuckDuckGo several times and ended up switching back to Google each time. I really would like to not use Google, but what happens is I search in DDB, see a bunch of 1997-level search results, then do that search in Google and get the right results. It's basically the same reason for switching to Google back then: I don't want to go through pages of bogus search results (from several search engines). I guess I didn't experience the degradation in Google results that you did.

Comment sticking with version 48 (Score 1) 129

I disabled updates because they're going to get rid of addons. If I have to start over trying to get the functionality of noscript, greasemonkey, privacy badger, ublock, adblocks edge, adnauseum, google privacy, status-4-evar.... I might as well submit to google and install chrome.

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