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Comment Re:A warning (Score 1) 301

He hates that some apps/protocols use it as a security measure, by doing a reverse lookup on the IP they were just given and trying to match that to the host name they were given. That means he has to pay attention to whether or not Windows is maintaining that info correctly, and as I've said in other replies, it often doesn't if you've ever reused an IP or hostname.

Comment Re:A warning (Score 1) 301

Yeah, it creates them just fine. It just doesn't seem to ever want to keep that info up to date if you change hostnames or reuse IP addresses. Like I said in another reply, I'm not a Windows guy, so I haven't any clue why it doesn't seem to like to clean up after itself. It works great as long as you never delete a host and try to reuse its IP or hostname, then it has issues.

Comment Re:5th Amendment (Score 1) 885

He stopped being a citizen because he merely said he renounced his citizenship? That is not how you lose US citizenship.

Actually, that's exactly how you do it. Except you have to do it in front of a US Consular, and there's a lot of paperwork to fill out too. So yeah, not exactly the same.

Comment Re:Hello... basic economics? (Score 1) 131

For what? The point of a loss leader is to get people into your store, so maybe they'll buy something else while they're there. HP doesn't own any stores except their online one, and how many people actually buy direct from HP instead of from some other mass retailer?

The only other way this would make sense would be an analogy to how Microsoft sells the Xbox at a loss and expects to make up the difference on the games. What sort of applications is HP hoping you'll buy for your tablet that will let them make up the loss they took selling the device to you??

Comment Re:Stop (Score 1) 694

In a free market, the people already encourage companies to give them what they want--by buying what they want,and not buying what they don't. All other interferences are simply social engineering which ultimately only benefits the ruling class.

Comment Re:This is why I won't shop GameStop (Score 1) 343

That happened to me when I bought my first copy of World of Warcraft. Someone had opened the box and registered the key already. I called Blizzard and they refused to help me, said it was a retail issue and I needed to take the game back to where I'd bought it and get an exchange. Of course, when I took it back to Best Buy, they said they don't do refunds/exchanges for opened WoW boxes BECAUSE I MIGHT HAVE STOLEN THE KEY and am just trying to get a free copy! It took me forever to convince them that somebody had ALREADY stolen the damn key (quite possibly one of their employees, even.)

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