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Comment Re:Opinion of Death (Score 2) 210

From the summary (and the article) I interpreted the issue is a person accused somebody else of being racist without proof. So the issue wasn't someone expressing an unpopular opinion and being branded a racist by the courts for it, but a person accusing someone else of being racist. So the opposite of what the OP was complaining about.

That said in no way do I feel this fine was just or reasonable.

Comment Supply & Demand (Score 3, Interesting) 49

Well wouldn't this be because everyone who just bought a Switch really wants to play games on it, but there's nearly nothing out?

Just like when Apple claimed their new laptop was the fastest selling in their history (because they hadn't updated it for years before and there was just pent up demand).

Disclaimer : I enjoy Nintendo games and Apple products. I just dislike it when people use positive sales figures to cover up a separate fundamental issue.

Comment Re:Recruiting (Score 2) 26

Smart move from Apple - even if it was to replace a previous dumb move.

Apple can do fine living in isolation developing hardware enclosures and user interfaces, but the world of AI is much bigger than Apple and it's where the majority of progress in the computing world is going to happen now.

I'm happy Apple has realised this. Apple vs "the rest of the world" in developing AI was not going to end well for them.

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