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Comment Re:So I have to walk out and not have it at the do (Score 1) 207

Companies around here noticed quickly that you can charge a buck more per pizza, people accept that, but as soon as you charge for delivery you get sorted out. We also have a lot of small restaurants rather than a few big chains. Competition is good for the customer.

A decent pizza is about 7-8 EUR around here, depending on what you want on it. Usually they require you to order for at least 12.00 or so to make delivery free, but that's easily doable as soon as you have 2 pizzas or one large one in your order.

And on top of it all, you actually get a pizza. Not ... hell, whatever it is that Domino's is actually delivering.

Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score 1) 406

So, again, you are approaching the questing from a side that I am not. I am not saying "religious people are anti-abortion". I am saying "anti-abortion people are religious".

Here's the relevant Wikipedia entry.

Unfortunately the sources are books. Fortunately, one of those books is up on Google Books. Look at Table 7.1. It's important to note that this author's thesis is that religion is secondary to involvement in the anti-abortion movement, but it's also clear that people within the anti-abortion movement are overwhelmingly religious... even if it isn't really their motivation, they are still basing their arguments and worldview on it. It's also important to note that the table I linked to has an embarrassingly low sample size - nevertheless, I'm unable to find any opinions contrary to mine. This author has every reason to find evidence to the contrary, as it would support his thesis.

Comment Re:the neurotic minecraft obsession (Score 1) 48

Buying Minecraft was about the most idiotic thing anyone could do. No, I don't mean buying a license to play it, I mean buying it, hoping that you can somehow "monetize the IP".

One of the key features, one of the things that makes Minecraft the success that it is, is how easy it is to mod the shit out of it. Let's face it, there are plenty of Minecraft-y games out by now. Most of them some flavor of zombie survival game, but some actually just Minecraft with better graphics or enhanced bells and whistles. Why they don't get as successful? Mods. Or the lack thereof. Certainly MC has an advantage there of being on the forefront, pretty much defining the genre of "sandbox survival", and with many people playing it, many mods get created, causing more people to play it and create a positive feedback loop.

Microsoft now doesn't really have a track record of being the most mod-friendly of companies. More likely they'd want to nickel-and-dime you for anything and everything you do, while at the same time controlling tightly just what you can do with the game itself, so you have to buy the next generation of their console and thus the next incarnation of their game.

This flies right in the face of what people playing Minecraft want to do. They want an extendable and expandable universe and of course they do NOT want to start over after spending 5 years building a life size model of an Enterprise-D.

Comment Good grief, settle down. (Score 0, Troll) 144

Tim Cook says...

Frosty Piss says he doesn't give a shit about this tempest in a tea pot spun up by Apple haters, lawyers looking for a buck, and people that get OUTRAGED at any and everything. Folks, step back from the Internet. But I will be taking my iPhone 5s in to have an Amazing Genius(TM) replace the battery for cheap...

Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score 1) 406

I'm not going to refute your "god proof". If debunking it a million times doesn't work, a million times and one won't either. So I'll get right to the last point.

Outlawing something that puts a person into a position where they can only choose between breaking the law and facing a consequence they consider worse than breaking the law AND risking their life is pointless. All you accomplish is to push people into illegality. It is actually that simple. Whether you consider the fetus "alive" or not simply does not matter. The alternative is often that women throw away the baby after birth, mostly because they could not get rid of it earlier, is that better?

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