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Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 567

No, it's not. I drive a manual without a hill hold feature. I've never even considered that such a feature would be nice to have. It's just unnecessary. To start on a hill, you let out the clutch enough to hold the car, while very quickly letting off the brake and touching the gas. Once gassed, let the clutch out the rest of the way and you're off. Doesn't matter if it's an icestorm on a hill or any other conditions; that's what you do. With a little practice, you can use that procedure without any roll-back at all, in any conditions, on any hill. Trust me; I do it all the time.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 2) 276

Practically every current car has more horsepower than a DeLorean. My 2009 Scion xB has 158 hp, and that car only cost me $16k brand new. You'd be hard-pressed to find anything less. Hell, the Nissan Versa (cheapest current car in US market) has 109 hp, which is pretty darn close to 130. At the time, however, 130 hp was sort-of OK but still kind of shitty but it wasn't that shitty. There were new cars with less than half that power in the mid-80s.

Having said all that, I'd still like to get one of those new DeLoreans. I've always loved the look, ever since I was a little kid, and with the new engine and electrical (they certainly have to put a modern electrical system in to use the new engine), it'd be a great car. The price puts it well out of my league, but if $100k was in my league, I'd seriously consider it.

Comment Re:Won't help as long as the stores aren't up to c (Score 1) 147

Having worked in a restaurant, I can tell you those places must have been doing some nightmarish shit. The company I work for has only been shut down once (years ago) because mouse turds were found on a slicer, not in use, which is pretty damn egregious if you ask me, but not as serious as people would expect. That manager and employee were both fired. Anything less just gets you yelled at and, maybe, if it's really bad, you'll have to throw away some product. We were once forced to throw out an entire cooler of meat (more than 500 lbs) because the cooler was holding at 42 degrees F. 41 is the limit. That's the exception though. The rule is a good talking to. Having said that, restaurants are usually scared shitless of the health department, and generally keep things safe. An outbreak of norovirus or e coli is a death sentence (Jack-in-the-Box, Blimpie (in GR, MI, anyway)), so restaurants have a pretty big incentive to keep things clean and at temp.

Comment Re:Well.. (Score 2) 147

Even washing each leaf with bleach won't actually work. E. coli can easily get INTO the leaf in spinach, and that has happened. I remember a massive spinach recall a few years ago with e. coli being INSIDE the spinach leaves themselves. I don't see why lettuce would be any different. I absolutely refuse to eat organic salad for this reason.

Comment Beans & Rice, Rice & Beans (Score 4, Informative) 390

It's like Dave Ramsey says: if you're broke, then eat "beans and rice, rice and beans." It's easy and cheap, even in a dorm.

1. Rice cookers are like $10-20. Get one with a steamer tray. It doesn't have a burner and can't start a fire, so tell your RA to fuck off.
2. Buy rice at the Asian store. It'll cost $1/lb for good Jasmine rice (brown rice only, you'll need the nutrients). (You don't have an Asian store? My ass. Or try the Mexican store. You don't have a Mexican store, either? Shut the fuck up and stop lying. Open your eyebulbs; they're everywhere.)
3. Buy bullion cubes and/or soup base (it comes in a jar) for flavor. You can get that stuff cheap at the Asian store.
4. Buy beans in a can from Save-a-Lot/Aldi/cheapo-store. I like navy beans and fava beans. There're a few dozen other kinds. Get what's cheap. One can a day, minimum.
5. Put the rice, soup base/bullion/soup mix and water in the rice cooker and press the button. Add the beans when it's done. Enjoy.
6. If you're feeling rich, chicken or sausage or burger patties go in the steamer tray.
7. The Asian store will also have cheap noodles that the rice cooker will cook just fine. Cheaper than ramen. (You still need the beans, or you'll eventually get something nasty like beri-beri.)
8. Oatmeal and raisins make a good, fast breakfast. (Add sugar packets and creamers from wherever other people get coffee.)
9. You'll also need to add some vitamin C every once in while to prevent scurvy. Any fruit or fruit juice will do. Tea made from fresh pine needles (actual pine trees only) will do in a pinch. I like raisins, apples, bananas, and oranges, which are all usually cheap enough.

You can actually live on that stuff for months at a time without dying. The soup base/bullion and occasional noodles and meat will keep you from committing suicide.

Comment Re:Thanks for peptuating (Score 2) 164

There is some thought that those people are so depressed that they aren't even capable of marshaling the energy to commit suicide. When you give them an antidepressant, they start to become less depressed and but are still depressed enough to be suicidal, only now they have the energy to kill themselves, and so do it.

Comment Re:Old timer Michiganian here! (Score 1) 684

It was Michiganian originally (occasionally, Michiganite, but only by Wisconsinites). Then, in the 1850's Senator Abraham Lincoln got mad at one of Michigan's senators, who happened to be quite fat. Lincoln insulted him on the Senate floor by calling him the "Michigander" (which was, in part, a pun on the phrase, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander," in addition to calling him fat.) For whatever reason, the name expanded to mean, "person from Michigan," and it stuck.

Comment Re:Swipe? (Score 4, Informative) 114

Simply opening one of the card readers will completely brick them.

Probably not. I've repaired and/or replaced many keypads and phone jacks on CC terminals over the years. I've done this for readers made by several different companies and many levels of features, including Hypercom (the most popular brand), and terminals that have RFID readers and external pinpads. Opening them up has always been easy, and they accept my soldering iron and screwdrivers just fine. I doubt there's much in the way of tamper-proofing on the portable ones either, even though I've never worked on them, considering the lack of tamper-proofing on anything else they make.

Comment Re:We need health inspection reports posted (Score 1) 100

We have this in Michigan. You can see how many critical and non-critical violations each restaurant in the state had at the last semi-annual health inspection. It sucks for the restaurants though, since silly things are "critical", like having a dumpster lid (outdoors) open from the wind, or a completely shaved-bald man not wearing a hairnet, or cutting a milk dispenser bag nipple at a 30deg angle instead of 45deg, or using a steamtable rated for reheating food instead of a double boiler or the oven. The latter one's particularly ridiculous, since the steamtable in question brings the food up to temp in the exact same amount of time as a double boiler (this has been tested and documented) and ovens don't reheat large amounts of food in anything approaching a reasonable amount of time. In case you're wondering, reasonable to me is one hour to get to 160 deg F. Double boilers and proper steamtables do this. The oven doesn't. It doesn't even do it in legal time (2 hr). Before you say I'm crazy, try it. Reheat a gallon of 33 deg F gravy in the oven some time.

Some of the non-critical stuff has been pretty silly, too. Like the time we got written up for having a bathroom door closer that shut the door too fast. Or the time the health inspector "smelled mice" (huh) in a different bathroom. I'm not sure what mice smell like, but I'm pretty sure that someone had just taken a dump. The mice bait traps throughout the building had been empty for years at that point and no one had seen a mouse turd in aeons. Or the time he saw an unused crackpipe (crackpipes are made of glass test tubes which come with paper roses in them at gas stations. You break one end, put some steelwool and crack in and heat.) in an employee's locker and made him clean out the locker for broken glass hazard. I was cracking up laughing.The crackhead was fired later for smoking crack in the bathroom. And also for fighting with his girlfriend in the bathroom, after smoking the crack. The girlfriend won. The bathroom sink and toilet required replacement. It was the girlfriend's crack.

Comment Re:Gross, but... (Score 5, Informative) 618

Heroin overdose among experienced users with steady supplies are unheard of. Heroin is quite safe, actually. The overdose problem is usually among black-tar heroin users who inject or snort (rather than smoke or eat) who then buy white powder heroin. Black-tar heroin is very impure (20-30%), being manufactured directly from unpurified opium or poppy straw extract, while white powder heroin is very pure(80%+, unless heavily cut), being manufactured from purified morphine. Even when cut, white powder heroin tends to be at least twice a potent as black-tar. Furthermore, black-tar and white powder are misnomers; both are yellow to yellowish brown, which is how those overdoses happen.

Until recently, white powder heroin was only available in large cities such as NYC, but now it's moving West, leading to a string of overdose deaths along the east coast and as far west as Michigan.

If it were regulated and legal, this entire class of overdose deaths would be eliminated. Considering that this type of overdose death is the majority of overdose deaths in the US, we are killing people by keeping it illegal. Considering the rate of overdose deaths among long-time users, legalization would result in fewer overall deaths, even if everyone picked up the habit. Now that you know all this, you and all other prohibitionists, especially those in Congress, are engaged in willful murder.

Have fun sleeping tonight, murderer.

Comment Re:My answer (Score 1) 525

Exactly. The dictionary specifically says that America, used alone, refers to the USA. America, with North or South prepended to it, refer to the continents. And The Americas (plural, with the definite article), refers to both continents, together, with all countries therein. You'll note that "America" without any qualifiers, according to Webster (parse those definitions carefully), unambiguously means the United States of America.

Comment Re:Not the first, but hopefully bad enough to be l (Score 1) 511

I expect them to have working servers and the right number of them available on game day and the reason is Amazon. What EA should have done is put a few copies of their server software on Amazon's Cloud servers (EC3 or whatever it's called), tested them and threw them into the loadbalancer's server list with a low priority. When they got whacked they could have just increased their capacity with more Amazon until the storm is over. That's why this we're-ordering-more-servers bullshit is bullshit. They should have had excess capacity from the cloud for launch day and ordered servers as needed after the initial wave to save money. This should be true for everyone at this point, given the low cost of a nearly unused instance.

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