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Comment Some states ban sales of solar power (Score 0, Flamebait) 292

Contrary to the believes of most posts above, solar energy actually works, and it works to an extend that households could sell the excessive power back to the energy companies. Traditional energy companies thus lobby for banning of sales of power by individual households or corporations. Florida, which is supposed to have plenty sunshine for solar powering, are one of the four states imposed such ban for protection of monopolization. Well, they used "inefficient energy production" in lobbying. Sadly, Federal Government backed it, because solar panels were mostly made by China, and promotion of the use of solar panels would probably deepen the trade deficits.

Traditional energy companies ruled that renewable energy companies must not survive in US. You have better chance in other countries. RIP.

Comment Definitely not "COMMUNICATION errors" (Score 1) 110

In the first article the blogger defined Elop Effect as "COMMUNICATION errors" - ditching Symbian before Windows phone was ready. HELL, NO, it's not merely a COMMUNICATION errors". He's a former employee of Microsoft, and he has his track-record of destroying Macromedia (plummeted its stock values, and then sold it to Adobe) when he was also the CEO of this company. His mission was very well-known in telecommunication world: molesting Nokia from inside so that it could agreed to sleep with Microsoft as a cheap whore.

If anybody asked me what Elop Effect is: hostile take-over of a company by sending them an infiltrator CEO.

Comment Re:Why do Insurance companies make it so hard then (Score 1) 99

For some sustained period of your life, your calorifie intake exceeded your energy expenditure and you put on weight. You may have reduced your calorie intake since then and stabilised your weight gain, however you have not reduced your calorie intake and/or increased your energy expenditure sufficiently to /reduce/ your weight.

At core, it is that simple.

There are details that matter though. E.g., different foods are digested and metabolised in different ways, and can produce different hormonal and neurological responses. E.g., sugar is processed quickly, alters insulin levels quickly, and your brain tends to crave it - so it doesn't fill you up. Higher fibre, less processed, and lower glycaemic index foods tend to be better for weight control. They make you feel full for longer, take more energy to digest, and your body responds more slowly. E.g., fresh fruit is great in that respect. Indeed, even *fats* aren't a bad thing per se - probably better to get your energy from fats than sugary things. Particularly, unprocessed (esp, never significantly heated) plant fats and oils from nuts, legumes, avocados, etc., seem to be good for us.

Also, not all exercise is equal either. You see people in gyms doing weights trying to lose weight - completely wrong. Sustained, aerobic exercise using the biggest muscles in your body: your legs and your stomach muscles (for breathing - not sit-ups). Doesn't have to be super-hard either, you actually burn more fat at *lower* intensity aerobic exercise. At higher intensities of aerobic exercise (i.e. the kind you can only sustain for ten or twenty minutes), your body uses sugars as they're easier to convert to energy. If you reduce the intensity a bit, down to a level you could sustain for an hour+, you should get to a zone where your body can meet the energy demands by burning fat stores - and your body usually will prefer to burn fat stores when it can (carbohydrate stores being more limited and precious).

The biggest issue is finding time for exercise. I hate the gym myself. To get exercise, I need to build it into my life so it's simply unavoidable. For me, that means relying on a bicycle to get to/from work. Cycling has worked for others. E.g., see: https://theamazing39stonecycli... - he lost 170 kilogrammes (~376 lbs) in a couple of years, by cycling.

If you review your life, make changes to how and what you eat, and exercise, it is possible to get to a healthy weight. Not easy, but you can make it happen.

Comment Re:Why do Insurance companies make it so hard then (Score 1) 99

There was an excellent programme in the UK called "Secret eaters". They would have obese people - often a set from same household - who couldn't understand why they weren't losing weight, despite eating all healthy, compile a food diary. These food diaries would nearly always show the person was eating well, and should be losing weight.

The good bit was they'd then put the person under surveillance, with cameras in the house and (unbeknownst to the people) detectives following them around. Then they would compile a list of what the people were _actually_ eating. Pretty much universally, the obese people in their programmes were self-delusional about their eating. E.g., they'd tell themselves "But I only eat a salad for lunch" while ignoring all the sugary and/or fatty snacks they were eating at their desk or on breaks before other, and/or ignoring various calorie-rich sauces or other sides they were having with the salad - that type of thing.

So, I don't believe you.

Comment My story tells you why you should block ads (Score 1) 707

They told you ads are good for you? Think about it. I once google for "MILF" (really, I didn't know what the hell was it and I was JUST looking for its meaning), turn out it referred to something disgusting and I didn't even dare clicking into the search result. Immediate after that, the right side of my facebook were filled with dating services with senior women, and everyday they recommended me of pages of senior women. Even my subsequent search results were topped with similar ads. My coworkers now stayed away from me.

I wanted to call Google telling them that I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HAVING CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH OLD WOMEN PLEASE STOP...or I just go get an adblocker.

Comment Just that? (Score 1) 464

I'm very shocked that the death of Ian got so little attention or coverage. He died on Monday, but the world was notified until Wednesday, without any more detail regarding his death. All you guys talking about was criticising him being racist, what's wrong with this world?

Submission + - MST3K is kickstarting back to life!

kevin lyda writes: The creator of MST3K is bringing it back. Anywhere from just three episodes up to a full season! And he includes options to make it DRM-free!

Let's get it back!

Comment Re:explain how you rewrite the laws of physics (Score 1) 130

The system is subverted, e.g. has been modified, so that when Borland Turbo is loaded into memory it too is subverted. Alternatively, DOS 22h is replaced with a version that checks every disk write to see if it is the beginning of a DOS executable, and if so, subverts it. Alternatively, ... etc.

There are surely many ways. Otherwise, you are arguing that DOS is not vulnerable to a broad range of all-powerful subversions, which is patently untrue.

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