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Comment Re:Make like a maple tree and leaf, sirrup! (Score 1) 209

D'ont be an idiot , he's throwing all environmental data , studies and work that shows how polluting the petroleum industry is.Every shred of data that shows the effects of pollution , all the data that would allow the future governments to make decisions about the activities of companies versus keeping the environment life sustainable is going etc .. Do not be naive .. he is an enemy of the people serving his rich industry masters.

Comment Re:THIS is fantastic news, For ISP's yes (Score 1) 255

bandwidth , imho , is less of an issue than download caps from internet providers. if we are to get video content delivery that is affordable , we have first to turn to our local service providers for necessary bandwidth and way higher transfer caps ( if any ) than what we have presently. whatever the way we look at a codec , take it's transfer rate / bandwidth and make a calculation for it's cost ( to we the consumers ) in terms of how much data it will " consume " for a month . That is the one obstacle that i believe is overlooked by a lot of analysts . What is the cost of getting all our media from the internet vs a cable subscription or even over the air hd ( which works well ) ? . Time to make calculations

Comment Re:Umm no. (Score 1) 248

All i read on the topic makes me think that the best security for the home is still to adopt a wild kodiak bear and let him guard the house in the family's absence . Soft , cuddly , though a bit grumpy on the edges Call Adopt-a-Bear and live happy ;) Tigers , i am told by people in the know , are also excellent to keep a house safe .. who knew ..

Comment Re:The REAL cool kids are all using IRC (Score 2) 457

" Social networking " is an intelligence gathering tool under cover of being practical . All it does is gather data about you.
Cut off the umbilical.tying you to the secret services and police forces . Shut those accounts down , wipe the data out and never get fooled again by the Americans into trusting them with a single bit of data.

Comment essential (Score 1) 215

Essential a super good voltmeter , 2 signal generators , a dusl input scope , a frequency counter and a lesser voltmeter , but still 4 digits.
I will pass along that i have a small secondary scope for audio work. It's called a DSO 201 , it's the sixe of a small player , has a decent probe . Goes to 1 mhz. The kit fits in a shirt pocket : note that if you have one check the upgrade to the 4.22 series firmware , it works a lot better. So for audio it all fits in my small case with the computer that is very convenient. For larger or more complex work , the good old textronix is still the one tool i go back to .I do mostly Audio/Visual and RF work. That's why i got two generators , one rf the other is audio. Good tools do good work. Never hesitate to put the money on a good tool , that applies to good testing equipment. The well constructed and calibrated instruments rule our benches.Calibrate often and keep em in good shape. Replace the leads often as they dry and crack and may become a danger after a number of years. Follow the first rule : use caution whenever you play in electronic/electric equipment . Safety First !

Comment Re:Nobody owns the moon. (Score 1) 248

Many will respond : because it's there .. I do not see the " future " in this .. first major accident that will happen and their business will be washed off and stamped out of existence , who will want to die for these individuals corporate profits ? they would need to pay ME big time for me to take the risks associated with this.
Astronauts knew it was dangerous and took a step for their Nation , Who will take a step for Bigelow's wallet ?

Comment Risk lives ? (Score 1) 248

mmit massive amounts of capital and risk lives ..
let him be the first to risk it and then i might have respect , but risking someone's else's neck is nothing short of cowardice.
let him be his first passenger. then we talk .
Property rights on the Moon is totally moronic. It does not belong to a person or country , it belongs to humanity and as such noone should be making claims on it.
Use it , go visit , do what you want but never should the Moon be the property of an individual or organisations.

Comment Even Firefox (Score 1) 163

I mean , the browsers allow all the tracking etc .. Once the people doing the browsers are done selling us , maybe we'll have a break.
Browsers have to be made not to allow the snooping. They are not made that way , they are made to support snooping.They are made to help advertisers take all they want from our machines.

Time to fork and abandon browsers that do not make the efforts to protect us l

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