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Comment Doing Stuff On Your Phone Still Sucks (Score 4, Insightful) 102

My laptop broke unexpectedly one day and for several days I was forced to use my phone to browse the web, and use email, while I waited for a replacement.

It's only until you actually have to use your phone to do serious things, rather than just dicking around, that you realise just how awful the experience is and how much you'd rather use a proper computer.

Comment Waterproofing (Score 1) 274

Right, I've had enough. Why do I need a waterproof phone?

I have a waterproof watch because it's nice not to have to take the thing off when I shower or go for a swim, but a waterproof phone?

Apart from not having to worry when I take photos by the hotel pool, I can't realistically see why I'd need it to be waterproof. I guess a lot of people are Snapchatting while in the bath?

Comment Re:Spy Phone (Score 1) 116

You do know that flip phones are the most vulnerable to spying, don't you? Military satellites watch for people performing the characteristic "flip" motion with their wrist and immediately start recording.

The NSA were outraged when the Nokia 3310 became popular, because it was impossible for a satellite to tell if someone was using a phone or a pocket calculator, or reading the ingredients on the bar of chocolate they'd just bought.

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