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Submission + - Court Filing on How 2004 Ohio Election Hacked (

chimpo13 writes: "A new filing in the King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell case includes a copy of the Ohio Secretary of State election production system configuration that was in use in Ohio's 2004 presidential election when there was a sudden and unexpected shift in votes for George W. Bush."

Comment Re:we could take back control... (Score 1) 292

Size and security is different in Israel. It's not the same as the US. Security is done behind the scenes. TSA shouldn't be expected to find anything because if a plot has reached it that far, they'd know how to get around TSA.

I'd treat flying as a calculated risk. The cockpits are sealed, so deal with it. It's still safer than driving.

Comment Re:Oh what could possibly go wrong. (Score 1) 160

I used to work there about 6 or 7 years ago back when one of my co-workers allegedly tried to steal a monkey although it was determined that the monkey must've escaped by crawling down the drain. If there's one thing a monkey is likely to do it's go up, not run for the middle of the floor and try going down a drain pipe. Everyone assumed that it was a monkey heist that went wrong.

If they started arming the security that was there then, that would be far more dangerous. He's likely to shoot himself in the face while scratching his head with the barrel Planet 9 style.

Doors are locked. Doors to the SIV monkeys are always locked. Keys are constantly being changed as people quit or lose their keys. I'm still close friends with someone who works there. Keys are still changed a lot.

Comment Re:Not fear - disgust (Score 1) 1017

I love traveling by motorcycle, or car when I'm with people. I enjoy travel more than destination in many ways. "Summer Vacation" was ruined for the Griswold's because it was about destination, not travel. Not that I ever had even thought about "What I learned from watching 'Summer Vacation'".

Wyoming is beautiful too. If you stay only on I-80 it's like you're on the moon, and if you're like me (which you aren't since you don't seem to like traveling), stay off the interstates and it's green and hilly depending on the time of the year. I've traveled across the US about a dozen times and my favorite experiences weren't on the interstates. But it depends on families, who you're traveling with, moods and destinations. I can't ride/drive to Australia.

Comment Re:Yet *still* no full-sized soft drink (Score 2) 249

When I'm in the US, I prefer to drive, ride or take the train. I'll fly if I have to, but I don't like going through TSA. I'm not a picky traveler. I'll eat whatever and sit wherever but just the general tone of foreign airlines is much nicer. Metal knives and forks (that TSA wouldn't let you bring anyway). Staff that doesn't seem as dickish, often actually polite! I like tilting at windmills and one of them is US based airlines. I see spending the extra $70 as well worth it.

Comment Re:Summary of snobbery (Score 1) 259

I was just there for work from Saudi Arabia. Your experience is completely different from what happened with me and my co-workers. One guy was robbed at knife point in a tourist market in the daytime. Police offering hash. Tanks in the street. I guess if we stayed at the Hilton it would've been different.

I don't think it'll become like Saudi. I don't think anywhere could become like Saudi.

Comment Re:Really bad idea. (Score 1) 1173

I've hit the crosswalk light several times on a motorcycle. I've also ran lights when it's safe.

In Nepal, people in the roundabout have to stop for incoming traffic which makes zero sense. As a typical American, when I first saw a roundabout I said "fuck this shit" and then I quickly realized they kick ass on the American Method.

If you have a motorcycle, sometimes putting the kickstand down works.

Comment Re:Never underestimate (Score 1) 332

Let me check my 300 baud modem to see if you're correct. No, it says I've been here since 1987 (a slow comer I know, but the ladies love it). Start a fake FB acct and start mislabeling your face. See how long it takes before FB "corrects" your suggestions.

An up-to-date facial recognition system is amazing. A half-assed mislabeling on FB doesn't add up.

Comment Re:Too Many (Score 1) 477

If you're looking for possibilities of mistakes on a short post, yes. It's quit likely that a meteorite will hit your rebel thug.

I never said only women. Men can get sterilized just as well. Now we'll have rebel thug women raping and plundering.

If you're daughter/son is going to get a metric shit ton of money if s/he doesn't have kids, you're going to make sure they're safe growing up.

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