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Comment Re: See the difference? (Score 2) 191

The thing is, googles accounting wasn't all that odd. Whats "odd" is the term of the service agreement colliding with the taxation change. The customer pays up front for a 7 year agreement. However, google is a publicly traded company, which means they have some strict requirements for how they account for and report receivables vs liabilities over the multiyear agreement. For accounting purposes they need to spread that lump some payment out over multiple year. A quick and simple solution is just to give the account a credit balance and continue to debit the account for the course of the contract. It makes perfectly reasonable sense if you don't consider the implications if a tax change somewhere down the road.

Comment Re:The part I don't get (Score 1) 54

I've never tried the mobile.weather.gov so I just checked it out. Yes it has the basic information, but it's not presented nearly as nice as accuweather.

Try to look at the forecast for the next 5 days to see high/low temps. With weather.gov, you need to scroll several screen because the high and low temperatures are each in a big block that takes 1/4 the screen, and your eyes have to wade through the day name, the overall condition name ("mostly sunny", "partly cloudy", etc) and a text description that is mostly redundant (most days it just repeats the overall condition name and the temp in sentence form, with some occasional extra info about chance of rain or whatever). Now try the same in accuweather. Easy. In a single screen I can see 6 whole days of forecast, no scrolling necesary. Further more, because it's in table format I can easily scan down the list of high/low temps without having to wade through any text. The condition graphics are a bit more meaningful. Its easier to see at a glance when rain is likely.

Now lets look at the radar. With the accuweather app it's easy because the common links are always at the top of the screen. On mobile.weather.gov you need to click back to get to the main screen, then scroll down to find the link to radar. Personally I also like the appearance/presentation of accuweather maps infinitely better...it looks nicer, you can zoom in better to see precisely where the rain is (or zoom out to get a better idea of whats a bit further away), and it filter out all the spurious radar blips/noise.

Same thing for hourly forecast...easier to access on accuweather because it's a tab at the top of every screen instead of having to find and drill down into the right block.

Now what if you like to check weather for multiple locations? On mobile.weather.gov you have to go back to the main screen, scroll back to the top, go to a different page to select your other location, then renavigate to what you were trying to check out. On accuweather you click an icon and a panel slides out with all your locations. Pick your new location and your are right back in the screen where you started. No navigation necessary

Finally a feature I love on accuweather....the 120 minute precipitation forecast. I find it very handy. I see nothing even remotely like it on mobile.weather.gov

So yeah, what you've got there is a totally free alternative that gives you most of the info, but it's not nearly as conveniently organized or as feature complete. If you like it, wonderful, but it shouldn't be a surprise that some people prefer the better packaging.

Comment Re:Not really why you'd use a DSLR (Score 1) 408

in less time than it takes me to open my camera app on my Nexus 5 (and yes, I've got a shortcut on the shortcuts bar...

Protip: hit the power button twice. There's also a shortcut on the lock screen.

Yep, I can double click and have my camera app open and ready to shoot in less time than my point and shoot takes to power on and extend the retractable lens.

Comment Re:Flame Bait (Score 1) 408

No, the face is in focus in both lenses. The Portrait Mode software takes the wide-angle image, selects and deletes the face, which though in focus would be distorted by the wide angle, and drops in the ore natural looking face from the image in the long lens

I don't think it quite works the way you are thinking. You seem to think that a zoom lens and wide angle lens will give you a different perspective on subject. That's not true. It is true that portraits generally look more appealing from a zoom lense than a wide angle, but that's because when choosing one lens over the other, you also adjust your ACTUAL perspective accordingly. If you have a wide angle, your subject is tiny in the frame, so you MOVE way closer to have the fill the shot, and THAT is what changes the perspective and look. On the other hand, when you put a zoom lens on you can't even capture the entire person in the portrait, so you MOVE further away, and once again THAT changes the perspective.

But in the case of a dual lens camera taking both photos at once, they will have the exact same perspective and the subject will look identical in both images***. The only difference is that (assuming equal resolution and quality in both lenses/sensors) the wide angle will have a bigger field of view whlie the telephoto will have more detail in the central portion of the view

***other than any slight differences from optical distortion in the lens, but that's not the same thing as perspective...distortion can be both eliminated through better quality lenses, as well as accurately corrected in software via building a profile of the lens and applying the reverse transformation.

Comment Re:camel camel camel (Score 1) 233

Indeed, and actually Camel can also be used to show that the complaint in this story is actually mostly a non-issue.


The complained about the price spiking right before prime day. However if you look at that product's history, you can see it also has a history of the price spiking once a month for the last 5 months. Granted all of those spikes were in the $15-$16 range, while the pre-prime-day spike was at $19. So it may have been a bit more extreme, but it's not particularly unusual. And I looked up a lot of things on prime day through camel and I didn't see any suspicious pricing claims on anything I looked up.

I think the story here is more about Jason Jacobs, founder of Remodeez, a small company that is trying to drum up sales for it's footware deoderizer by starting some BS story about Amazon to catapult themselves into national media attention

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 210

LOL. I think you've got your tin foil hat on a bit too tight. Loosen it up and let the blood flow to your brain.

What sort of effective surveillance would they get merely from a hello? Determining age and sex? Good luck with that. For some reason a human operator can't even get my sex correct after talking to me for 2 minutes (yeah, I don't have a deep "manly" voice, but it's not girly either). And polling to know what times you are available? I doubt home buglers are that sophisticated.

You want to know why you get dead phone calls? It's because even poorly paid telemarketers are wasting money when they're sitting there not doing anything but waiting for you to answer your phone. The autodialers are designed to call multiple phone numbers at a time and take the first one that answer, then either hang up on the others or try to keep them on the line long enough for the next telemarketer to be ready for a new call (which is why even when you do get a person, there is a long pause before they are there).

You are absolutely right though about why they use the same area code, and more recently also the same first 3 digits. It prevents you from manually "blocking" their calls. Though ironically I found their tactics more effective when they were ONLY matching the area code. I get legit calls from my own area code often, but I've NEVER had a legit call from a number with the same first 3 digits. So when they do that, it's now easy for me to just ignore it.

Comment Re: Be careful of your data (Score 5, Insightful) 110

That's pointless advise, because there's no way to be careful with your data. You can't copy save games to a flash card, and there is no online save functionality either. So the person who is "careful" with their data is equally as susceptible as the person who doesn't give it a single thought.

Comment was it due to work schedule, or medical expense? (Score 1) 513

Why does everyone assume he was fired because of the work-left balance issue? He told them on day 1 his wife had cancer. Presumably he was going to be getting medical insurance, including for his wife. Since there are no pre-existing condition clauses anymore, and since many large companies self-insure (not sure if this includes BAE or not), I think it's just as likely he was fired because they figured he was going to cause a big spike in their costs due to expensive cancer treatment. HR had probably been getting crap about doing what they can to reel in their health care expenses, they saw a big budget buster, and said HELL NO. Of course those may not be fair assumptions on their part (maybe she already has insurance from another source), but they can't exactly go asking too many questions without creating evidence of discrimination. So just play it safe and get rid of him right away.

Comment Re:$20K per "work"? (Score 1) 65

That PDF is a piece of work... From what I can tell the total award is $12,700,00? Anyone know what they mean by "work" here?

Slashdot say "Court Awards Massive Damages" and then completely fails to say what was awarded. Careful there, AC. I think this might be part of slashdot's "RTFA DRM", and your post may be considered circumvention measures.

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