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Comment Nice! (Score 1) 3

My other half bought a Golf TDI in November for the commute to her new job and loves it. Over the first 10,000 miles it's achieved 42 MPG.

Is "Commuting And Relative Displacement In Space" too simple?

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 7

I don't disagree. (For me it is too expensive, but then I also know that I don't have need for a range-extension gasoline engine.)

Still, GM seems to have considerable confidence in the future of the product, and is pursuing a different build strategy. It seems like a reasonable bet to me, but it'll be a loooong time until they're turning a profit on the model.

Comment Residential or business service? (Score 3, Interesting) 459

I had a customer (a small town government) recently have port 25 outbound blocked by Comcast. After going around with Comcast for a bit, it turned out that they were subscribed to a residential-class service, which has port 25 outbound blocked by an implacable policy. The only way to get the port unblocked in this case would have been to move them to a business-class service with a static IP. (Fortunately the block wasn't a big deal for them, we were just using it for automated status reporting rather than running an inhouse mailserver.)

Comment Re:Sad, really (Score 1) 7

Hmm. Nice sig. Never occurred to me to factor my uid before.

I am pleased to find that while it is a composite number, it is the product of two primes. :-)

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