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Comment 5 year old PC (Score 1) 564

My gamming rig that was 5 years old needed a refresh so I bought a complete rig from one of those online places that sells you the Motherboard, CPU and Memory combo. Along with a deeply discounted graphics card.

No difference whatsover in performance in my current games or apps. Software still has not been opmitized to take advantage of faster CPU speeds.
If your PC is 5 years old stay with it.

The next frontier in ripping people off for the next 10 years is Cellphones. The industry has shifted and it's new phones every year for people.
What an awsome platform for planned obsolence and a captive audence of millions CHA CHING!

Comment Yeah who is going to pay 500k a year. (Score 1) 138

The ammount of systems an IT worker has to manage these days is like running an Aircraft carrier along with launching and landing planes.
If an IT dept. is ran well they start reducing the ammount of employees required to run the company. If things are crashing every other day then the wrath of Khan comes down.

IT administrators hold the keys to the universe but get the dirty end of a used mop. Upper management cries when you are making over 100k a year but if you were to price out each job you are doing it would cost them well over 500k a year.

I make good money but man when I see sales weasels making over 250k a year I need to get out of the IT game.

Comment Yeah right (Score 1) 144

Bullshit! Bullshit! More Bullshit.

Stake holders are greedy SOB's just like the rest of us. The moment an insurance company offers them millions if not billions to purchase that treasure trove of data there goes your insurance premiums.

Just like Progressive who has that dongle you plug into your vehicle. If any dope out there has installed that in their car should lose your license.

Comment Que The Yomiuri Shimbun formally The Daily Yomiuri (Score 1) 148

Now here was a paper who was forward thinking. Just like Japanese car makers never make excuses they just execute.
Japan knew the Internet was going to make a lot of content obsolete and so they started to release CD's of their news archives.
Shortly after that they started to produce an online version of their newspaper. WOW how novel!

The NewYork Times failed to Execute now they will be Executed.

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