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Comment Nobody will find me investing in this! (Score 1) 363

Nobody will find me investing with this! What sort of linear logic goes from dessert -> sand -> silicon -> gobs of free power? Would it be this comes from people who forget the technology required to turn sand into solar panels?

They say "pure silicon" but what do "they" mean by pure? If they talked about setting up a glass factory and making parabolic mirrors I might have more faith. But I still will not invest.

Comment Re:Microsoft has software patents, wants licenses. (Score 1) 286

when it comes to law please remember the British made it illegal for India to harvest salt from the Sea. Bolivia privatized the public water system and I think it was Bechel who bought it and were charging poor people as much as 1/4 of their income. They were not even allowed to catch rainfall. The British ran drugs into China.

Law is not about justice. Its about power and money.

Comment Re:Broadcast model is dead! (Score 1) 602

I didn't shut it off for me. Somewhere some little kid may be up with the flu while mommy and daddy are sleeping and kids will turn the TV on looking for something to watch while they lay down on the couch. Little kids flip channels too.

Our broadcasters have to realize they have some moral responsibility and if they can't get common sense into their thick greedy skulls then they need to realize some people like me won't do business with them.

They say reputation is hard to earn and easy to lose.

When my kids were little I didn't bother trying to censor the net. When they are too little they really aren't interested so they won't go looking for it (usually). When they are older and are interested then they can't be stopped. The thing about the net is they need to (usually) actually look. With TV they can just flip channels which is something they grew up with.

That being said, I would prefer if our search engines had a kiddie channel. I'm sure Google can organize something like this.

What I would really like to see is an access card of some sort. I know passwords can do the same thing but people forget to log out. As I see it there is a problem and people who bitch do have a very legitimate bitch . Responsibility to limit access needs to rest with those who make this garbage available. It should not be the reponsibility of the parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and friends of those who have children.

However since Bell doesn't see it my way I accepted the responsibility they shirk and I canceled their service. Problem solved.

Also - I have no complaint if someone wants to subscribe to a porn channel. This is unless the kid is 10 years old! I just don't want to see the porn on channels ordinarily sold to families and as I see it - this includes the standard movie package I subscribed to several years ago which at that time didn't have porn and which were not sold as porn channels.

Comment Broadcast model is dead! (Score 1) 602

It is my opinion that the broadcast business model is dead and if not dead then it is sure getting smelly. The idea these people have dreamed up to broadcast inappropriate material and this includes porn in my humble opinion is a symptom of the problem. Somehow they think this will attract market share and perhaps even keep them in business.

Bell ExpressView tried this on me. On one of the movie channels I used to subscribe to, lo and behold "Cat House" showed up.

Even though I do not have any young children at home and no grandchildren, Bell ExpressView found that from this moment on their bills went directly from my mail box to the trash bag. I tried to phone them to cancel the service and when they didn't answer the phone then I hung up and gave up and I figured eventually they will find their source of revenue from me has dried up and maybe they will catch on. Sure enough - eventually they caught on.

My TV service has been canceled now for over two (2) years! I breath a sigh of relief that I no longer get the advertising and especially the Kotex Commercials!

About the only thing that happens is that once in a while I get a phone call from a collection agency but it is quite easy to hang up on them. Eventually they will catch on as well.

I will urge everyone who detests what they broadcast to simply cart the bill to the trash bin. Eventually they will catch on!

What I find is that here in Calgary we have a WONDERFUL library service. There are 1000's of DVDs on every subject imaginable except I have not seen any porn in the library.

A library card costs a lot less than the $60++ per month I use to pay for the satellite service. So in a way I'm glad they broadcast the porn because it prompted me to take action. Now I have commercial free programming and at a much lower cost. My service has improved.

Now the next issue is content offered via the net. What I want to see which is primarily business related is generally available on the net. The problem is the dummies have not woken up to the fact that I use Ogg Theora and that unless they make their programming available in a format which I can store on my hard drive so I can watch it when I want and where I want and this may well be while in a fishing camp far from the net - then I ain't gonna be their customer no more!

If they want to be in business they will catch on and if not - who cares!

Comment 5th kingdom (Score 1) 125

Fungus are neither plant nor animal. They are in the 5th kingdom - but from a biological standpoint we are very similar to them.

Since they evolved before us perhaps we evolved from them which would make them our ancestors. We should have respect for our ancestors!

Comment Crodyceps simple? A pox be upon you! (Score 1) 125

That is pretty damn specific, amazing so simple an organism can induce behavior that complex in an ant

What you miss is that the programming which means the complexity of all organisms is contained within each individual cell. From a computer standpoint one would have to view all life forms as simply a network of computers where for any given network (individual) all computers (cells) have the same programming.

It is just that some of these computers (cells) perform different functions and I guess that would not be much different than one server handling mail while another handles web services, yet they all contain of course (shameless plug!) OpenBSD and the same identical code base.

One cannot conclude that just because one type of network (species) might act in a particular fashion that it is a "simple" network (organism).

Cordyceps subsessilis has at least four (4) imperfect forms, one of which was identified as Tolypocaladium inflatum from which ciclosporin is made.

Even when it comes to size it is totally incorrect to think that because one might require a microscope to study the beast that it is therefore "simple" or "small". The largest living organism on earth is a fungus: Armillaria ostoyea and it covers more than 3.4 square miles and is thousands of years old. It is bigger than an ant and bigger than a whale and perhaps far more complex and far more evolved.

In fact the bible says that when we die God will come to fetch us. Perhaps God is a fungus!

Perhaps it is the ant which is the simple organism!

Comment Use two (2) (Score 1) 814

Its two. However some pea brain anal retentive programmers have decided to override this and wrote code to remove the "extra" space. Their reasoning is probably about as sound as wanting to use LF instead of CRLF and to use YY instead of YYYY. We need to put up with them until we can fix it.

Comment Hire a programmer! (Score 1) 346

A non techie should focus on what they do well and hire a programmer.

There is no way a non techie can begin to compete with what a good programmer can do. There brain space is just not big enough.

I am a programmer and I am a businessman. I have one foot in each of two canoes. I have had to remove my foot from the programming canoe. I like it - I wish I could go back to it. But my brains are simply not big enough to do both.

We have doctors who will be doctors. We have microbiologists you will be microbiologists. We have lawyers who will be lawyers. We have micologists who will be micologists. We have poets who will be poets.

Very few are gifted enough to pursue more than one field. But of those who are able to place one foot in each of two canoes - they don't need to ask the question in the title of this story because they already know the answer.

A non-techie is simply a non-techie and they are unsuitable to be programmers because you need to be a techie in order to be a programmer! Its as simple as that!

BTW - I hire accountants too. I'm not an accountant and never want to be one. No successful business is going to have one guy doing everything - that is unless that one guy wants to be a slave to his own business and then who does said guy pass it on to when he is too old to do it anymore. If you can't leave your business to your kids then IMHO you failed.

Comment Re:Our responsibility (Score 1) 565

I usually don't reply to myself... Here is another issue.

If they hit a gas pocket then the gas will form bubbles in the drilling mud and this reduces the density. Reduce the density and the mud blows out of the hole.

It will be a long time before we know what happened. This is if we EVER know what happened. Right now I expect some very brilliant reservoir engineers are trying to figure out what happened.

Comment Our responsibility (Score 1) 565

As I see it, it is OUR responsibility to have some safety equipment on standby.

We can tax the oil and gas industry and we can ask them to partner. But to me it makes no sense to run around pointing fingers and trying to assign blame because they are doing their BEST to produce a product we all need.

I think we have to expect and any actuary in the insurance industry will agree that accidents will happen.

So I agree with people who ask: "why wasn't the containment thingy already built?". An answer of its: "not cost effective" doesn't cut the mustard for me.

When New Orleans was flooded the Army Corps of Engineers tried to fly that excuse as well!

Not cost effective to build a dike so maybe somehow it is cost effective to flood a city? My gawd. What sort of spaghetti logic is this?

I don't care how much it costs to build a competent containment structure. It should have been ON THE SHELF.

There has been a long history of accidents. The failure here is the lack of leadership in those who choose to govern. Everyone knows that a company will do a risk assessment. They answer to their stock holders. Its the governments' job to govern.

I suspect what happened might be the blow out protector tried to do its job but was not able to completely shear off the pipe. I suspect they drilled near a very over pressured zone. I suspect the well operators did everything right. I suspect as the oil and gas column overbalanced the weight of the mud it simply blew the mud from the pipe and this put the rig in a natural gas bubble which lit. There was simply nothing anyone could do about it.

Now what we have is a very erosive fluid probably full of sand and it will eat the production casing away and by the time 2-3 months elapse which is gong to be how long it takes to contain this thing there might be a well bore that is the size of a small culvert.

BP was not planning on putting this field into production for years. Well - its now on production!

Submission + - How to deal with spam 1

cdn-programmer writes: "Pull the plug.

I intend to bill $1.00 per month per spammer. I will see my Telco in court within 90 days. This is my letter to Telus:

        I am checking the implied contracts with your company. I do not do direct
  business because of the way your company treated me in the past. Over the last
  two days I have received more than 4500 spams. I'm sure some of these originate on your system. On the basis of an implied contract I will plan on billing your company for the spam. The charge will be $1.00 per spammer per month. I will
  track the IP addresses and provide detailed accounting. Your options are: 1)
  Your company pays the bill. 2) Your company pulls the plug on your spammers. 3) Your company pulls my plug but that will end up in court since I already have fully paid for service plans in place. 4) Your company argues with my legal
  team that your spammers have a right to send this crap my way. Govern yourselves accordingly"

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