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Comment Play the game (Score 1) 53

The game is to find a unique angle to approach your research that's essentially clickbait, then produce some results, and figure out some way you can claim victory and go home.

If you're just doing this to get on to the next stage, it makes sense to plagiarize and get it out of the way. You can get to the nice fat yearly income that way without having to know much of anything.

Do we have a quality of scientists problem because science is such an esteemed (and often well-paid, in private practice at least) career that people who should not be scientists are trying to be scientists?

Comment Internet 3.0 is a Ponzi scheme (Score 1) 285

Google is desperately searching for new products because they know what the rest of us are beginning to figure out: internet advertising is a paper tiger.

In theory, it leads to targeted ads reaching more people than ever before. In actuality, it advertises by demographic in the same way television does, and mostly repeats products you have shown interest in before whether you bought them or not.

Further, most of the sites showing advertising on their content are putting so many ads on the page that the effectiveness of any particular ad is radically diminished.

When this "dot-com bubble" (3.0) goes down, it's going to take the US economy with it, and through them, the world.

Comment The word "racist" has no meaning (Score 1) 164

It is a political term, and nothing more.

Generally it is used for those who resist the idea that the third world must be imported into the first world, reducing the first world population to a third world hybrid, thus destroying culture, heritage and values and making it more tractable by the twin parasites of government and industry.

Submission + - The Metal AE (hou2600.org)

hessian writes: Metal AE 201-879-6668 — this was a true blue AE line that was around for like 5 or 6 years and was ALWAYS busy. Had all of the original cDc and other bizarre text files, occasionally some new Apple warez. — Phrack #34

Submission + - Tech insiders: Firms halted spread of grisly video (cnsnews.com) 1

hessian writes: Tech companies drafted plans to scrub the web after a grisly video showing the beheading of an American journalist by Islamic State militants — and implemented them this week after a second killing, a Silicon Valley insider said Wednesday.

Submission + - Apple fails to learn from last big hack in iCloud exploit (hou2600.org) 1

hessian writes: The iCloud hack that released gigabytes of nude photos of celebrity women occurred using methods foreshadowed in two earlier hacks. The first involved hackers tumbling user information from AT&T's server for iPad accounts, and the second was a widely-publicized iCloud exploit similar to the one likely used in "The Fappening" series of hacks.

Submission + - How 1980s hackers used bulletin boards to learn about heavy metal (furious.com)

hessian writes: "In the 80s, BBSes were the most important thing to the hacker world. They were where people met, talked, exchanged information," said legendary hacker Erik Bloodaxe, whose exploits with the hacker group Legion of Doom stirred many imaginations back in the day. "They were the central meeting places where you could find those people who actually cared about the same things you cared about."

"Most of the people in my peer group would be calling bulletin boards daily and were phone phreaks, so their long-distance calls were free. It was basically like being a regular on 4chan or Reddit, but thirty years ago. So we would talk about niche topics like metal that were very hard to find out about unless you, say, lived in a big city or college town and knew the right people/right places to go," said Grandmaster Ratte, a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow well-regarded in hacker circles. "Instead, you had access to people from all over the world, many of whom were very knowledgeable. I learned about tons of interesting subcultures via BBSs that I never would have known about until the Internet came along," he added.

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