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Comment You can't seriously... (Score 1) 13

... be surprised by any of this.

The thug's comment about intelligence is very telling... he's got no ground to stand on, so he attacks the intelligence of the opposing side. Par for the course for ANYONE who's not smart enough to hold a debate but who only feels strongly about a topic. (This holds true for so-called "conservatives" who go after abortion clinics, by the way...)


Submission + - Dancho Danchev Returns? (blogspot.com)

mgessner writes: Following up on The Strange Disappearance of Danch Danchev, it appears that as of Friday, 21 January 2011, Mr. Danchev is once again posting on his blog. I was alerted through an email that his mailing list sent. There have been three posts since, including the one on 21 January 2011.

Comment Re:Does it make it too easy? (Score 1) 253

How many people can you monitor at one time with ONE drone?

We're not talking about freaking England, where there's 102.4 cameras for every person walking around. We're discussing ONE drone which will likely be so expensive to fly that they'll end up only being able to use it to monitor fantastic car chases or drug busts.

Comment Re:No it isn't (Score 1) 1186

Man, I am glad you're kidding. You've written an awesome paragraph that shows just how insane people are. I'd bet that about 80% of all the /.'ers who read that were salivating at the first paragraph!

Please... don't take the parent's first paragraph seriously. But pay very close attention to the second part!

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