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Comment Re:I used to like the GPL (Score -1) 88

My code has nothing to do with any GPL or BSD or any other code, it's developed from scratch and no, I did not develop it all by myself, that would be impossible to do in a few short years, obviously I hire people to work with me. My point has nothing to do with GPL or BSD, my point is about closed source software developed for a business purpose.

I was replying to this bit:

Some code needs to be proprietary--life is about pragmatism sometimes, not always about ideology.

IF you ever bother to ask yourself why, and really dig deep, you'll have a tough time coming up with a satisfactory answer.

Note that I don't contend the pragmatic arguments aren't real, just that they are deeply unsatisfying on a philosophical level. They point to difficult to solve problems with society itself, and rather than solve these difficult problems, the pragmatist just accepts them as unsolved and proceeds to go for lunch. That's not much of a solution.

I don't see any difficult questions here, this sentence:

IF you ever bother to ask yourself why, and really dig deep, you'll have a tough time coming up with a satisfactory answer.

- that is at least a weird thing to say.

Comment Re: Yes they are. (Score 2) 294

Not our problem that no predominately non-white nation outside of Japan is considered a first world industrial nation.

You forgot South Korea, and probably China too. There's a lot more industry in China now that probably any other country in the world. Your smartphone was most likely made there, and there's pretty much no technology more cutting-edge than that.

Compare the age of these white established nations to the ages of those in Africa or Asia or the Middle East. It wasn't privilege that advanced them as fast as it did, it was hard work and ingenuity.

You need to read Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. There's good reasons Africa is so far behind. As for the Middle East, personally I'd lay the blame for that entirely on religion. The Muslim cultures used to lead the world in math and science, until one day they decided that anything that wasn't in the Qu'ran was crap, and it's been downhill since then. That should be a good lesson to the religionists here in the US and other western nations, but they're not learning it. Back in the times the Muslims were in the lead, the white Europeans were living in mud huts as serfs, and had no education and were largely illiterate. It wasn't until the Renaissance much later that Europe really turned things around (and simultaneously, the Muslims had abandoned all progress in the name of religion). In short, if the Muslims hadn't turned fundamentalist back then, things would be very, very different now. The Europeans "won" because the Muslims turned stupid. Also, during much of that time, China, while having a large and old civilization, intentionally turned inwards and didn't interact much with the outside world. It's not that hard to come out ahead when your biggest competitors intentionally shoot themselves in the foot.

Finally, I wouldn't really call the success of Europeans the result of just "hard work". People in other cultures were working hard too. The Europeans just did several things right for a change, which led to some great successes, though they also did some awful things to take advantage of others. The things they did right were adopting rule of law rather than theocracy, adopting rational thought (science), and adopting an economic system that allowed greater prosperity across the population (instead of feudalism where a few lords had all the money and resources and everyone else had squat; you're not going to get much innovation when everyone's dirt poor). The awful things they did were colonizing the "new world", and brutally subjugating the people there (the Spanish were the ones most guilty of this brutality, and Spain still celebrates this today by having military parades on Columbus Day to honor his brutality toward the natives; the English weren't nearly as bad, and generally tried to use treaties to take land from people who didn't have a concept of land ownership). This paid off hugely for the Europeans, but at the expense of the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, and various indigenous tribes. I wouldn't call stealing from people and murdering them to be "just rewards for hard work".

Comment Re:No they are not (Score 1) 294

They sure acted like they were eligible but in the end it was confirmed that they never were.

Not exactly true. In the end, they lost a war so they weren't allowed to secede. If they had won the war, they would have been allowed. The legality was entirely decided by war, not by any judicial system.

It's not that much different from the American Revolution. Did the colonies have the right to declare independence from England? One side says yes, the other no, and a war decided the question, but differently in that case.

So I think your comparison to this Dreamer issue is completely invalid: there's pretty much no possibility that this legal question will be decided by a war. It'll be decided in court, by a judge or judges.

Comment Re:I used to like the GPL (Score -1) 88

The software that my business is developing is built with the express purpose of providing services in a competitive market. The software is an asset, a critical asset actually that differentiates my offering from hundreds or thousands of others. My time, money and effort goes into the development of the software and of all other business components, there is no reason at all to provide anybody with the source code to the system, the system is the business. The philosophy here is quite satisfying: building your own business and all of the money generating assets in it provides services for some and income for others, it is self sufficient and complete.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 4, Insightful) 150

The dudeâ(TM)s a billionaire. Heâ(TM)s obviously not exactly suffering due to the persecution from the repressive Chinese government - sounds like heâ(TM)s more of a gadfly than a dissident.

So if you're not poor and/or personally oppressed (maybe you were lucky enough/smart enough to escape?), then you have no right to oppose corruption/oppression occurring in your own birth-country?

Can you break down the qualifiers for these various social classes and their respective rights/responsibilities/entitlements, please? We need a handy guide so we don't overstep our class privilege and speak out of turn, and thus possibly disrespect our class betters.



Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 150

Perhaps YouTube will reverse this darksided decision.

It all depends on who is appointed/gains power in China and therefor how much continued or even ramped up pressure Google receives from Chinese leadership. It's possible Google might reverse their decision after the politically-sensitive Chinese appointments are concluded, but I would not lay great odds on that occurring. Particularly if those officials revealed as corrupt in those videos gain/retain power. Google has discarded taking either the high ground or the low ground and is taking the "amoral ground" and hedging their bets because they can.


Comment Re:Illegals are illegal (Score 1) 294

Does it apply only to immigrants, or is anybody who breaks the law an "illegal"?

How specious of you. Burglars, etc, are indeed "illegal" and if caught are punished by law. It's only being asked that those breaking the immigration law be punished as well.

We have an economy that cannot function without more immigrant labor than our immigration laws allow.


Comment Re:"violence to advance their cause" (Score 1) 284

What a load of crap. You brown shirts went after Ben Shapiro in Berkeley. You're violent, nasty thugs who have no place in a civil society. I'm thankful that Berkeley, of all places, had the good sense to realize that law and order must be maintained, and properly secured his second appearance.

You have chosen to live by the sword; push the rest of us too far, you will die by it as well. Fortunately even left-wing mayors and college administrators are starting to realize it's best to prevent you from starting your next riot.

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