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Comment Furie became a pawn. Got used & now discarded (Score 2, Insightful) 358

So Matt Furie demolishes his own house because the media wouldn't stop bugging him about how Twitter nazis were building similar looking houses and throwing wild parties in them. Despite the ADL explicitly stating that "the majority of uses of Pepe the Frog have been, and continue to be, non-bigoted", pro-Clinton journalists continued in their all-out effort to remove this thorn from Clinton's side. Their tactic, as usual, was to divide an unwelcome movement by shaming those susceptible to the fallacy of guilt by association. Any author could have just said "fanfic isn't my problem". Of course, the media would not have stopped until the guilt struck home so who knows how long one could withstand them. In the end some non-racist Pepe fans stopped having innocent giggles, and Furie took a sledgehammer to his creation, all merely to publicly gesture their CONCERN with baddies having had fun in tangentially the same way -- essentially handing over their personal autonomy to hand-wringing busybodies who write glorified blogs.

A: Look at this Pepe meme with a swastika armband, are you CONCERNED that you're also spreading Pepe memes on twitter?

B: My memes have no Nazi iconography, they're Smug Pepes with poofy blond hair that symbolize Trump's shameless trolling of the media

A: Yes, but they're both frogs and both derivatives of Pepe. Are you CONCERNED?

B: ...there's no connection except the frog and...

A: We're not SAYING its racist, but here's a bunch of articles that heavily imply it. Are you CONCERNED now? Will you publicly condemn it so we can play a soundbite of you accepting our worldview while implicitly echoing Clinton's assertions about her opposition?
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