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Comment Re:autism or not, reason should override "feelings (Score 3, Insightful) 682

You're judging someone by completely ignoring what that person has straightforwardly written, and basing your conclusions entirely on what is implied, or more accurately what you cynically infer.

I think you'd have to provide some proof that you are indeed a psychic mind-reader.

Comment Re:Imagine yourself as an overseas applicant (Score 5, Insightful) 756

Campus protest videos can be seen on Chinese video sharing sites and social media. There are Chinese language discussion threads about the state of the American college campus. The sentiment is overwhelmingly negative.

The Chinese sentiment on Trump is general ambivalence, coupled with the usual chatter about how American democracy is really an aristocracy.

Comment Imagine yourself as an overseas applicant (Score 4, Insightful) 756

You're researching schools because you want to study well and succeed.

Are you put off by:
A). What Trump said about illegal immigrants from Mexico and about Muslims?
B). Viral, million view videos of activists storming libraries, disrupting campus, screaming at professors, screaming at fellow students?

Now imagine yourself as a parent who will be footing the bill. Are you put off by the former or the latter?

Comment Drop in Chinese whiz kids or drop in Fu Er Dai? (Score 2) 756

I'd say it's probably the latter. See, whiz kids get scholarships. Even the international ones can get scholarships and stipends.

Fu Er Dai (kids of nouveau riche) however, need to pay full price, and often do it with a newly bought American house paid in full with cash by their parents. Now, with US housing prices at historical highs, coupled with the Chinese economy cooling off, not as many families find it a good investment.

Add to this the growing perception that overseas degrees aren't worth all that much (mainly due to the fact that every dumber-than-a-brick Fu Er Dai has gotten one), and you can easily find explanations to the dip in numbers without alluding to Trump's rhetoric. And that's even without pointing out the fact that the trend started before last year's election.

Comment Does Ye Recall Ye Olde Slashdot Of Yore? (Score 1) 707

Bush era Slashdot understood that to defend the rights of terrorists didn't make one a terrorist supporter, nor did fighting back against those who wanted to judge accused terrorists by a different standard make one a terrorist sympathizer. Now, we have self-styled "liberals" who mock principles and wallow happily in double/triple standards.

Gen X Slashdot was clearly superior to Millennial Slashdot.

Comment All for nefarious reasons, right? (Score 0) 96

Nah, I have a fake account because some websites have a Facebook integrated comments section. Yes, I do have an overriding need to throw out my 2 cents like every other self important prick on the internet, but I don't want spam in my regular inbox or identity thieves connecting the dots in my life, so sue me. If websites didn't use Facebook and had a more traditional comments system I'd still sign up with a pseudonym and a throwaway email address.

This need to identify yourself online, and the whole "you're a coward for not attaching your real life identity to what you say online" sentiment... Where does it come from? Old people who don't understand basic security measures online? AOLers who think they're in some safe walled garden? Actual retards?

Comment Re: "violence to advance their cause" (Score 1) 293

My grandfather was imprisoned and tortured by Marxists. Our family of educators was largely dispossessed because of their associations with anti-revolutionary entities (western friends and colleagues). Despite what they did on the personal scale and their policies that resulted in millions dying, I still don't believe I have a right to initiate force against people who hold Marxist beliefs. Am I in the right or in the wrong here?

Comment Re: Treason (Score 1) 267

This fact about missiles and the adversarial nature of the US-Russia relationship is as true now as it was back in 2008. Yet those who defended Romney's remarks about Russia and Putin were a tiny fraction of the current mass typing incessantly of "KGB shills" and "traitors". Going back as recently as the Crimea invasion and the dispatching of navy ships off the coast of Syria, none if those things triggered as much backlash and grandstanding as email hacking and Facebook ads have now. Why are people rolling their eyes at this spontaneous new breed of patriots and nationalists rising out of the left? Well it seems they only discovered their sentiments exactly 11 months ago.

Comment What are the options? (Score 1) 121

1. Use off-the-shelf product to save money, but another big customer might also audit the code (the current predicament)
2. Use custom product so it's unavailable to others, but ultimately relying on obscurity
3. Go open source and have politicians and media have a heart attack about how "now everyone can access the source code / Trump is giving our source code away for free"
4. Export ban on this software while you use it, again relying on obscurity

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