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Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 312

It is mind wankery. So are all the evangelical (to some extent or other) Ibrahimic faiths you mention. In this case FLG is a home born, Western grown cult. It should have been snuffed out at the very beginning. The Chinese are under siege from Ibrahimics and from scores of these home grown cults. The Chinese government will hopefully keep both under check. Why do Chinese need foreign money grubbing, brain washing religions? The Boxers had the right idea. Just as the tribals do in India when they conduct their missionary bbqs.

Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 312

As a practitioner of qigong learned from teachers of traditional Chinese martial arts I know what I know. These are guys who hate the Communist Chinese government by the way. I will give you some pieces of data to google below.

As a presumably ignorant white guy who believes whole heartedly in wiki crapia and google be not evil, you should continue seeking and not be brainwashed by a cult that brainwashes ignorant Chinese housewives. This whole religious tolerance thing is bullshit. FLG is a cult selling bogus techniques which harm people for money and influence. Do you know their propaganda arm such as New Tang Dyansty television network and Epoch Times? How about their yearly propaganda Chinese Cultural Extravaganza? A cult twisting Chinese culture to make money and fool unwitting idiots. The biggest shame is that the Chinese government didn't kill Li when they had the chance. And look up the idiots in China who cut their bellies hara kiri style in order to find the Wheel of Justice twirling around in their insides. What wheel? They sensed it after having practiced a wrong and deviant form of qigong. Look up qigong psychosis.

We can continue the chat after you've learned proper qigong and felt for yourself the flow of qi in your body. Or maybe even if you meet up with a real practitioner who will wave his hand from across the room and make you feel the qi flowing across your skin like a heavy fog. That would be the real deal. Li is bunk, my friend. Not a religion. It's Bunk.

Comment Big deal (Score 0) 312

This is just like the US gov persecuting the Free Men or Randy Weaver. Wish they'd persecute the Scientologists similarly. The FLG are a cult! Nothing more.

If you know anything about qigong, you'd know that their teachings are bunk and will harm a practitioner eventually.

Comment Re:I could have told you that. (Score 1) 938

... and btw.

Some kids gets bullied more than others, so if it only was the bullies which where dicks then wouldn't all other kids become bullied of them in a somewhat equal amount?

For some reason they seem to choose their target.

Though I think it's not totally fair to put all the blame on the victim and only see them as the problem and not ask oneself why the bullies have to behave like dicks in the first place, not all kids do.

Comment Re:I could have told you that. (Score 1) 938

That's not the answer they give.

And even if you're not bullied later in life (eventually mostly because you're so alone ..) the lack of understanding social situations may still affect many aspects of your life.

Other interesting (I hope) articles they had linked from the same page:
Understanding the 10 Most Destructive Human Behaviors
10 Things Schools Don't Teach Well

If you (the reader) got bullied in school go ask yourself how well you master the following skills all from the article above:
* Listen to others.
* Follow the steps.
* Follow the rules.
* Ignore distractions.
* Ask for help.
* Take turns when you talk.
* Get along with others.
* Stay calm with others.
* Be responsible for your behavior.
* Do nice things for others.

Speaking for myself I know which ones I would had rated quite low.

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