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Comment Re:If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It! (Score 1) 209

Because it wasn't tested well enough? For example, in the case of the system call entry path, Andy Lutomirski found a bunch of bugs over the past few months - including CVE-2014-4508, CVE-2014-9090 and CVE-2015-2830. His changes for 4.1 include the addition of regression tests as well as cleaning up that code.

Comment Re:Good. +1 for Google. (Score 1) 176

Yet all the browsers consider unencrypted connections more secure than connections encrypted with a self signed certificate.

No. They consider that entering or following a link to an 'https:' URL means that you expect a secure connection. In this context, a self-signed certificate that has not been whitelisted is an error.

Comment Re:wikipedia have not only messed that (Score 1) 264

This is good news; I'm glad to see at least one misogynist leaving Wikipedia.

Sadly, it still seems to be run by a bunch of young white guys fighting for the importance of hosting porn and claiming the consensus of their privileged group is "neutral". ArbCom has censured admins for fighting back against lies spread by GamerGate, with a ban that may apparently prevent them fixing any abusive edits to articles about women.

Comment Re:Not full duplex (Score 1) 47

As described, It is full duplex - both sides transmit simultaneously and have to cancel their own signal and its echoes from the combined received signal. Twisted-pair Ethernet already works this way, but in the radio medium the echoes must be even more challenging to model and cancel.

Comment Re:Thunderbolt == PCI-E (Score 1) 392

USB host controllers generally support DMA, but the drivers on the host do all the buffer management so the device cannot choose which addresses to read and write. Of course, it can take advantage of driver bugs such as the HID descriptor parsing bugs that were fixed in Linux a few years ago.

Comment Re:What's TSYNC ? (Score 1) 338

This is why I claim it's spyware. Sure, you can turn most of those things off, but the intent of turning them on by default is to capture that information from most users.

you know what I don't use every day? Debian, Do you know why? People like you. I've been using Linux for 20 years and it's people like you that get in the way of progress.

I'm not getting in the way of anything. The kernel is team-maintained and I've explained how this change can be made without my help.

Comment Re:What's TSYNC ? (Score 5, Informative) 338

I do dislike Chrome and I'm not going to pretend otherwise. Aside from its being spyware (in its default configuration), the Chrome/Chromium developers have previously added requirements that make Chromium unsupportable in Debian 7. We could add this kernel feature now, but I strongly doubt that will be sufficient to keep Chrome/Chromium running on Debian 8 until its EOL.

Please note that I am not NAKing the change, but I'm also not going to be the one to make it happen.

Comment Re:Question from a non-Linux user (Score 0) 765

"When it breaks, you're fucked", just like anything you run as pid 1. Except you can still use the init= command line parameters to run something different (or possibly break= to stop in the initramfs).

"Obsoletes 20-30 years ... of how to use linux tools". Huh, I must have my Linux history wrong as I could have sworn it was started in 1991.

"No real new features" because all its new features, are somehow not real according to some AC?

"Virtually untested" except by every major distribution?

Insightful, my arse.

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