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Comment Re:Why the fuck did eth0 become enp0s19?! (Score 1) 278

FreeBSD names the devices by the type of driver it uses. The em driver is used for Intel Pro/1000 type cards. If his system also had a Broadcom NIC in it the device would show up as bge0.

In theory I think it is possible to screw up the device numbering by moving cards around or adding/removing a card from the system, but in practice that doesn't tend to happen very often. It's more of a problem for people using USB NICs, but even then it's usually not an issue.

Comment Re:Why the fuck did eth0 become enp0s19?! (Score 1) 278

I'd just like to point out that your reaction is actually very similar to what happens when a Windows user decides to try this Linux thing. Those people are usually told to RTFM (for many this is also the point where they learn a life-long hatred of all things UNIX). I don't know, maybe the same advice could work for you?

Submission + - Users of React.JS software petition to change the license 1

mpol writes: The Apache Software Foundation issued a notice last weekend, indicating that it has added Facebook’s BSD+Patents license to its Category X list of disallowed licenses for Apache PMC members. This is the license that Facebook uses for most of its open source projects.

The RocksDB software project from Facebook already changed its license to a dual Apache 2 and GPL 2. Users are now petitioning on GitHub to have Facebook change the license of React.JS as well.

React.JS is a well-known and often used JavaScript Framework for frontend development. It is licensed as BSD + Patents. If you use React.JS and agreed to its license, and you decide to sue Facebook for patent issues, you are no longer allowed to use React.JS or any Facebook software released under this license.

Submission + - Judge rules that government can force Glassdoor to unmask anonymous users online (

pogopop77 writes: An appeals court will soon decide whether the US government can unmask anonymous users of Glassdoor—and the entire proceeding is set to happen in secret. Federal investigators sent a subpoena asking for the identities of more than 100 anonymous users of the business-review site Glassdoor, who apparently posted reviews of a company that's under investigation for potential fraud related to its contracting practices. The government later scaled back its demand to just eight users. Prosecutors believe these eight Glassdoor users are "third-party witnesses to certain business practices relevant to [the] investigation." The name of the company under investigation is redacted from all public briefs.

Comment Re:Never going to happen (Score 1) 304

My first reaction on seeing the words "verbal agreement" is "you got jack shit". Nothing happens in DC on just a verbal agreement, and definitely not some multi-billion dollar porkstravaganza.

Do you think he called Donald Trump directly and said "I'd like to do a bigly infrastructure project, would you like that?"

Also, is he planning to build a tunnel from DC to NYC? That would be by far the longest tunnel in the world. The current record holder is the Guangzhaou Metro tunnel, at 37.5 miles. This tunnel would be over 200 miles long, probably closer to 225.

Submission + - Greater Washington DC has half of the nation's richest counties (

schwit1 writes: Here’s one way to follow the money in the United States: look past the Washington Monument and the Capitol to the D.C. suburbs. Half of the richest counties in America are roughly an hour away from the capital.

Virginia’s Loudoun County boasts an eye-popping median household income of $125,900, tops in the nation, according to 2015 Census Bureau estimates, the most recent available. Almost 10,000 Loudoun residents commute to D.C., but the vast majority of residents find plentiful well-paid job opportunities close to home – the top local employers are Dulles Airport, the Department of Homeland Security and the Loudoun County Public Schools.

Maybe it's time to start spreading the federal employment wealth by moving high paying federal jobs to less costly parts of the country. The new FBI HQ would be a good start.

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