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Comment these aren't the towels you're looking for (Score 1) 173

notice it was specifically *pool* towels. i have to wonder if they were just counting towels removed from the pool area as losses. what i've often done is take a pool towel back to my room and leave it there for the maid to whisk away with the bath towels.

possibly they weren't actually losing that many pool towels from the premises overall, they were just being diverted to the wrong pile. if they need RFID to tell a pool towel from a bath towel, i would suggest color coding or size/weight differences instead.

Comment censorshipbook (Score 1) 111

It is jarring for me to realize that pages are being taken down because they merely *offend* others. These aren't kiddie porn or drug dealer pages, it's just people talking about stuff. They talk about their friends, their enemies, their schools, their governments. It's not all flowers and happiness. If they want real people on facebook, they need to realize that some people are going to say unpleasant things.

Maybe have a counter at the top of the pages that says "this page has received N complaints" but leave the content there so all can judge for themselves.

Comment yes, let's shoot the messenger this once (Score 1) 831

I was going to trash talk Mr. Dziuba, just like everyone else, but you know what, he didn't actually submit this to slashdot. He ranted on his own blog own his own private website. Someone ELSE submitted it to slashdot, not Ted. Someone ELSE approved it and posted it, not Ted.

He's probably laughing his ass off that everyone's got their panties in a wad over something he probably wrote in less than 15 minutes and has already worked around all by himself already.

Comment Re:Require kids to join Scouting (Score 1) 493

(a) you are factually incorrect: population percentage doesn't have anything to do with normal. would you call black children abnormal? in many school districts the percentage of blacks and gays is about the same.
(b) you are factually incorrect: yes, some kids are gay at age 6 and know it, and it's dreadfully common for kids to realize by then that if adults lie about santa claus they are probably also lying about god.
(c) you got this one right, yes the BSA is the worst offender, and many youth organizations go to great lengths to distance themselves from their 16th century nonsense
(d) you are factually incorrect: the prohibitions indeed apply to children. the court cases they've fought have been over adult members. they have a history of settling the kid's cases out of court because they know a jury will side with a kid no matter what.

Troll alert. My failure to respond to any future messages by you is is no way to be presumed to be an admission the BSA's policies are acceptable.

Comment here be dragons (Score 2) 283

I won't touch the debate on students' rights or cell phone policies, but it seems odd that teachers would be allowed to delete items. It puts them in a very precarious position, in a couple of ways.

Basically, if something is offensive enough to be deleted, it should be instead preserved as evidence for disciplinary action. Once the evidence is deleted it's going to be very difficult to sanction the child at all and I can just imagine parents' exasperation when informed. How can they yell at their kid about something when the only "proof" was supposedly deleted?

And if a picture or text message wasn't merely offensive but was evidence of an illegal act, the teacher will have committed destruction of evidence. And what if the teacher finds pictures of 12 year old students not fully clothed? Viewing stuff like that in class is likely to be a termination offence. Displaying it to other children could conceivably lead to a criminal conviction.

Also, it seems naive to pretend that students won't adapt by just syncing/backing up their phones more often or downloading the offensive content again. And what if the offensive content was a web page? They can just bring it up again any time they want.

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