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Comment Cops Steal Cash (Score 5, Informative) 657

If you have a lot of cash, that's "evidence" of drug crimes, even absent drugs, and the cops will take your money, put it on trial (cash is bad at defending itself and does not get an attorney), and buy boats, pinball machines and hookers with your money.

^ None of that is an exaggeration.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score -1, Troll) 205

I thought Amazon donated to both major parties!

Trump thinks Amazon runs WashPo, which has been publishing CIA propaganda against Trump as fact (retractions come three months later).

Such actions against Amazon would be thoroughly unsurprising, even though they're unwarranted. Politicians don't have to compete on the merit of their ideas.

Comment Re:In SC prisons the real problem are the guards (Score 2) 223

Yup, that seems to be the American model. I prefer the Nordic model where prisons are run more like colleges with a view to rehabilitation so that when people are released they're more likely to be fully functional citizens and less likely to re-offend. The fact that some of those countries are closing prisons for lack of inmates says it all. For that to happen in America would mean dumping the market fundamentalist idea that putting everything in the private sector makes it work better.

Comment Re:Well, collect on the deposits... (Score 3, Funny) 159

You don't lose anything if you keep the deposit... Just buy new ones.. Right

TFA says the deposit is half the cost of the umbrella.

Sounds like they need a flashing LED handle that says "Stolen" if the umbrella isn't returned on time, otherwise there's an incentive problem.

Comment Community (Score 0, Flamebait) 474

Look, I don't give a shit about violating copyright for the sake of violating copyright. The companies that are all-take-and-no-give, like cheap router manufacturers, that cause the community danger with their unpatched crap - the community tolerates the lawsuits against them.

But if Bruce or Eric decide to sue Debian or Canonical (or whomever) for shipping GRSecurity with the kernel, I'll watch while the community turns on them like a pack of fucking wolves and their reputation takes a perpetual hit.

It's bad enough people playing lawyer with the CDDL vs. GPL nonsense with ZFS - these licenses are intended to help the community, not harm it. People who get lost in the weeds of licenses instead of figuring out how to make the community better are our version of bureaucrats and frankly many of us don't have much use for them.

Any form of legal system that harms its society is immoral and ought to be, and will be, dismantled.

Comment Re:A bit steep IMO (Score 2) 168

Your prices are for a pump without a new heat source - air, existing well, existing ground water.

The Dandelion project is for installing a new heat source. The old method is to drill a new well (works OK) or to remove an entire lawn below the frost line (ideally, during new construction before the lawn is put in) and then lay down about 3000' (typical home) of coiled PEX to circulate the heat-transfer/antifreeze solution through.

I'm not sure if this is the same as an existing system that uses copper "branches" from a main "trunk" forced into the ground like an upside-down tree. Not enough details in TFA.

Dirt work isn't all that expensive, though. Removing and replacing a lawn really isn't more than an $8000 project in most places, so Dandelion will have to watch its prices. Just because Tesla Powerwalls are expensive doesn't mean that they aren't cheaper than competitive options - most people aren't willing to pay extra for "new-hotness" into the tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, Google kills so many of its "play" projects that I would need to see a discount to invest in one of their systems.

Comment Re:90 day certificates (Score 2) 111

At least I will only need to have one cert reissued every 90 days instead of five.

There are certainly some cluster-type cases where a wildcard will be handy, but in general people have used wildcard certs to make key management easier. Now that we have cron jobs/an API to do key management, I am more inclined to have multiple certs running all over the place, to isolate a break. CAA and DANE records integrated with Let's Encrypt will smooth over the potential downsides of everybody having tons of certs.

Comment Re:90 day certificates (Score 1, Troll) 111

Letsencrypt will continue to lack any credibility until they abandon this retarded policy.

Dude, you are lacking credibility here if you don't understand why long-lived certs are a problem for security. For small businesses, the main reason not to do a short cert, given letsencrypt's cron jobs, is for a wildcard cert, which is expensive, and now that is being solved. For personal websites, wildcards are generally not used. Enterprises have the option of syncing their client and server certs, for authentication purposes, or buying a long-lived cert.

FYI, Google can afford whatever it wants and has been using 90-day certs for a while too. You should write to them and tell them they lack credibility on Internet security. :P

Comment Re:How is RECODING speech? (Score 1) 304

What is the connection between such recording â" which can (and often is) done silently â" and Free Speech?

If you have a right to free speech, then you obviously have a right to free observing, free listening, and free remembering - video just helps you do those two things as an assistive technology.

Comment Labor force participation rate (Score 2) 300

All the U- numbers have certain guesses, models, and biases involved. For raw data just go for the labor force participation rate which is the least-political measure.

It's slightly improved, but there was clearly no "Obama Recovery" and the US economy hasn't gotten back to pre-crash levels.

"It's the jobs, stupid" as a politician once said.

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