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'Productivity Is Dangerous' (theoutline.com) 233

Vincent Bevins, writing for The Outline: So every morning, I get messages asking me to click through to articles like "How I Optimized My Morning Routine To Get More Done Than ever -- before 8 a.m.!" The people posting links like this have a sickness, and we need to stop it before it gets out of hand. Of course, if you actually click through to this trash, it's a bit shocking to see what they actually do. Some guy is proud that he set aside his social life so that he could unleash four extremely psychologically damaging apps on the world by the age of 30. Or it's like, "Congratulate Lisa on her new job as advertising director for Nestle in Africa." Here's a productivity idea: Just, fucking, don't make shitty apps, or do advertising for Nestle, or really for anything. I often see shit like, "Ten Habits I Have QUIT to Get More Done," and I think, "Maybe quit writing posts like this." If you're waking up at 4 a.m. to write 1,000 words about how you write 1,000 words every day, what are you actually getting done? Just stay in bed. Whenever I am back in the Protestant centers of modern capitalism (New York or London, basically), it's especially jarring to remember what it feels like to treat being busy as if it were a virtue.

Comment The whole story many not be even here (Score 1) 235

I have used Uber when I was sick.a lot around at the end of the year.
This week I had too training events where I wanted to arrive on time and without worries, and I got Uber - the prices were more expensive than they should be.
From that and this notice, I think Uber is also penalising more frequent users, from them to subsidise lower prices to attract new users.
Is it a good strategy? I often used Uber because the prices were attractive; if suddenly they are the double, I will start using more my car.
As a brief example, today I went by Uber to a training conference, the price was a bit steeper than usual; returned by tube. If the price was slightly low, I may had not take the trouble to return by tube, and Uber anecdotally would have had a little more profit.

Comment Re:Previous art (Score 1) 116

Last time I looked the crappy software is on the MS side, so Apple cannot properly sue about that...MS is known to be shady enough to fund trolls for them to sue other companies, partly also because it had several run ins with the DoJ in the past.
Both situation are pretty well documented, and you know, someone invented something called Google...

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