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Comment Zero power charge iPhone (Score 1) 135

They're faced with the contradictory desires of consumers both to make things bigger - Boomers, Gamers, and Twinks - and to make them low power and smaller - Zero Gens, Music Lovers, and Fashionistas.

Thing is, the tech exists to do both. We can power cell phones from incidental power from local wireless now, and have foldable bendable waterproof bioelectric screens we grow.

The question is, which side will win.

I figure they'll do both. You can get a Star Trek communicator "wallet" phone that unfolds, or a comm badge phone that beeps. They'll probably act as if you have to buy both, but you don't.

Comment Re:Dear clients: (Score 3) 239

Where I am, our code doesn't work with newer versions of a dependency library. Two developers have tried to work around the incompatibility, and failed. So until we can scrounge together enough time to redevelop the frontend from scratch, we're stuck installing old versions of the library, and just hoping that no OS changes render older versions of the library inoperable - otherwise we won't be able to upgrade OSes either.

That said, this doesn't fit the topic, because our boss knows all of this. We keep our boss well in the loop. He used to work as a programmer the software, and still does some work on it from time to time. That's IMHO how it should be.

Things work best when workers aren't afraid of their boss. I hate Machiavellian workplaces.

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