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Comment Re:Lax attitudes toward child pornography (Score 1) 722

obviously illegal stuff leads to a lot of eye-opening attitudes toward issues of sex and gender. For crying out loud, Reddit's statement actually refers to this new rule as a "slippery slope," as if it's somehow more difficult for them not to censor legitimate information if they can't have a subreddit named /r/preeteen_girls devoted to underage photos submitted by creepy Facebook stalkers.

You're riding a crazy carpet all the way down the slippery slope: You KNOW that they're pictures taken from facebook, but you jump to the conclusion that they're "obviously illegal" child pornography!

Comment Re:The Government gave us a blank check (Score 1) 210

Their whole model was built on the idea that cities would decide to create segway lanes.

Their whole model was built on the idea of having a mass-market outlet to lower the production cost of the underlying technology for use in electric wheelchairs. That line about redesigning cities was Steve Job's.

Comment Re:DCMA, SOPA, ACTA ... (Score 1) 168

It's *US*, yes, You and Me, who is responsible for this mess. You see, it's *US* who have allowed the politicians we have elected to carry out all these bullshits.

Nope, MY representative is a good guy. I wrote to the previous guy to see what his position was on this shit, and he told me it smelled like flowers, so I helped someone else get the seat.

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