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Comment Of course real sports are opressive and ableist (Score 1) 189

What? Real sports? With all those fit athletes who promote unhealthy, unattainable body norms and their ableist propaganda? Millennials can't watch that. They'd rather be playing video games where a 300kg retarded, blue-haired Gorrila Mutant can still be a hero. Hooray for the liberation of the oppressed basement dwelling landwhales!

Comment Re: Don't forget shit like "white hispanic" (Score 1) 470

I think the whole idea that Hispanics (they're Caucasians ferchrissake and descendants of Spaniards or Portuguese) aren't white is ridiculous. That not only makes Spaniards and Portuguese and probably also Italians people of colour (whoda thunk?), but also me every time I go to the beach and get a fucking tan. It also would mean that slave trade and all the shit SJWs accuse the white man of perpetrating was actually done mostly by people of colour. Now which is it, can't tell me that descendants of Spaniards turn into POC simply by being born in a different continent. It can't be the tan alone, right?

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