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Comment Re:Never Too Late (Score 1) 97

If they are in the underground command and control centers, then the nuke won't effect it really. The blast just crushes/burns everything on top. It might make the underground bunkers a touch warm, though.

Comment Re:Internet Of Failure (Score 1) 84

I've taken strides to make damn sure the things I buy do not access the internet, if they don't have a productive need to.
The only thing in my house that connects to the internet is my playstation, computer, and.. well.. yeah. That sums it up. I have a techie house, but not internet house.
Since I know how things work behind the scenes, it scares the bejeezus out of me to even think about lining things up to basically be spread buck-naked and ready...

Comment Re:Android has the biggest possibility of that fat (Score 1) 214

Thank you, that's what I've been saying.

In fact, Android was the very reason I broke down and bought an iPhone at first. I went from flip phones to an android and after 2 days I gave that phone to my brother and bought an iPhone. It's an appliance to me, nothing more. I have servers and desktops to administer/program/learn/etc. I'm not wasting my time on a phone that requires me to go through that much effort to keep it functioning properly, or use it correctly.

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