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Comment Enough with this bullshit. (Score 3, Insightful) 378

On Monday Mitchell Baker will be posting on the future of Thunderbird. We'd like you to be aware of it before it goes public. However, this is *confidential* until the post is pushed live Monday afternoon PDT. Please don't tweet, blog or discuss on public mailing lists before then.

This is not an urgent scoop that can't wait for the official announcement in two days. The submitter was a dick for leaking it, and timothy was unprofessional for approving it.

Comment Re:Google Reader (Score 1) 329

They removed the old sharing functions from Reader and replaced them with Google+. It wasn't really an update. Some even consider it as stunting Reader because they had their social network in Reader and then they lost it. As far as I know, all the employees who worked on Reader were removed from working on it years ago, and there are no plans for doing any work on it in the future.

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