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Comment iGala Already Exists -- $239 (Score 4, Interesting) 259

Well, I know that by posting this I officially brand myself as a corporate shill, but here's a device that runs Linux, has a touch screen, has an open API, and already exists and can be yours for $239:


And you can use it as a picture frame out of the box. =)

Comment Are you SURE it wasn't scanned? (Score 2, Interesting) 709

Here in Fairfax, Virginia, where I worked as an election officer, we had some older touch-screen machines (most of which failed at some point during the day) and a new paper-based fill-in-the-bubble ballot that used a scanner that was virtually invisible; as you slid the ballot into the box, a computer built into the lid of the ballot box scanned it. Very slick; the precinct gets an instant count, the ballots are re-countable, and voting can go on even if the computer bit fails. Plus, since people didn't have to have a computer in front of them to work on (or stare dumbly at) a ballot, many more people could vote at the same time.

The Internet

World's Smallest IPv6 Stack By Cisco, Atmel, SICS 287

B Rog writes "Cisco, Atmel, and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science have released uIPv6, the world's smallest IPv6 compliant IPv6 stack, as open source for the Contiki embedded operating system. The intent is to bring IP addresses to the masses by giving devices such as thermometers or lightbulbs an IPv6 stack. With a code size of 11 kilobytes and a dynamic memory usage of less than 2 kilobytes (yes, kilobytes!), it certainly fits the bill of the ultra-low-power microcontrollers typically used in such devices. When every lightbulb has an IP address, the vast address range of IPv6 sounds like a pretty good idea."

Submission + - Frank Wolf's Office Delivers Spam to Constituents

Beltway Prophet writes: "From the Office of Frank Wolf to the email address on my domain name registration: "You are receiving this e-newsletter today because I want to keep you informed about the issues I'm working on as your representative in Congress. You are not currently an e-newsletter subscriber. If you would like to continue receiving these updates, please subscribe by clicking here. If you would like to unsubscribe at any time, please click one of the unsubscribe links at the top or bottom of this or any other newsletter e-mail." The irony is, I was already a subscriber, so this email only serves to invalidate his opinions on "technology" issues. As a friend said: Congressional spam — how do you legislate against that?"
Input Devices

Submission + - "Normal" USB Keyboard Installed in XO Lapt (instructables.com)

Jacob @ ThinkGeek writes: "I don't know about you, but I can sure tell silicone from the real thing. Here's my Instructable on how to ditch the jelly and squeeze a normal keycaps-and-springs type USB keyboard into an OLPC XO laptop. This is "phase I" — getting the keyboard into the lower half of the case, but leaving the USB cable connected to the external USB port."

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