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Comment Re:1984 CFAA violation? (Score 4, Interesting) 191

Isn't this basically a blatant violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse act? What if a small timer had done this and not a mega corporation?

Essentially it is an act of accessing a computer system belonging to somebody else, without their permission. I imagine the legal description of hacking could be stretched around this well enough to take it to court in a country like the US where litigation rules.

Comment Re:Escalation (Score 1) 61

Since the digital keypad on phones is a graphic display, why not simply have the keypad randomly rotated, so the patterns keep changing?
Even better than rotating, scramble the number positions.
All this talk of seeing somebody typing in a PIN from a distance, recording the phone movement etc just make me wonder.

Comment Re:Original Content? (Score 1) 76

I would also like them to cull out the poor quality rips of movies, the movies with changed speed and a comment to replay at half speed, and those mirrored backward movie rips which are supposedly hidden from search engines.
You still can't report a video for being an illegal copy of somebody elses property.

Comment Re: I HATE advertisements! (Score 1) 87

I still consciously avoid products that have been promoted in annoying advertisements, if there is an alternative brand available.

There are only a very small number of advertisements which I have seen (the first 2 times anyway) and noted to be a clever, amusing and/or non-annoying ad. Can't recall if that has encouraged me to buy that particular brand instead of another tho.

Comment Re: I HATE advertisements! (Score 1) 87

The suggestion that advertising could be included in "free" apps is hard to debate, tho I prefer to pay for the games I use and not be bothered with suggestions of other things I could pay for, while playing the game.
I guess it would be different if the advertisers wanted to provide us with the VR gear for free tho... bring on your free games with ads if you give me the hardware to use it on my PS4 : )

Comment Re:The universe is expanding...Re:When did it happ (Score 1) 83

Also, given the gravitational masses and movement of galaxies and other matter in between, why is time expected to be functioning at the same rate across the distance those rays have traveled? In fact, couldn't time dilation present the appearance of an expanding universe, if only observed from one location?

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