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Comment Re:Troubling technology (Score 1) 190

I couldn't agree more!
Also, the question begs to be asked: What about all those sub-groups that are morally-ethically detested like say k3dd1e pr3n, or murder? How do these groups or 'hits' flag up? If this type of system had 'hits' crop up with these areas, then what happens? Should that just go on un-noticed because company charters have no legal requirement to have ethics/morals that maintain society? Is it any different than witnessing something like the above in person and ignoring it? Franklin's quote is dated when considering our current society.
On the other hand... like the parent says, how far down does that rabbit-hole go when politics, corruption, and social manipulation come in to it. Terrorist or Freedom Fighter? Depends on the viewpoint. Justified or Illegal.. etcetera.
Lastly, is this kind of data going to be of any use? Schnier has a good article about false-positives and the sheer amount of datamining being a mathmatical mountain. Just because we know that subGroupA is slagging off companyB - is that enough to change somebody's actions? Who decides that is a good idea? does subGroupC get special upper-class opinion status?

Submission + - Are these the worst tech ads ever made?

thingsinyoursocks writes: The technology industry is guilty of some really terrible commercials and CNET has rounded up what it thinks are the worst of them in two installments, here's the first and here's the second. "The tech industry has a rich and hilarious history of being unable to promote itself as anything other than unutterably dorky. Originally we were going to call this 'The top ten worst tech ads', but as we hunted around we discovered these are pure gold. They are shockingly bad, but you'll derive so much pleasure from watching them it didn't seem right to use 'worst' anymore."

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