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Comment As soon as everyone is hung over... (Score 4, Insightful) 307

As soon as the night before is used as an excuse to get drunk by a large portion of the populace, who are then too hung over to go to work on the holiday, it will become an official American day off. New Year's day isn't a holiday because anyone is celebrating the start of a new year.

Comment Re:Asphalt Manufacturers Too! (Score 2) 159

This is a specious and disingenuous argument. As a long-time user of Newzbin2 I was really sad to see it go. However, I would compare them to someone who publishes and charges for an online version of the "map to stars homes" in Hollywood, except it's a "map to unlocked houses".

They aren't precisely condoning theft, but they are knowingly making it easier for thieves to plan jobs, even if their goal is to simply let people know where they can find a welcoming place to crash.

They are listing all the unlocked houses, including ones owned by people who welcome visitors, and some honest people probably use their map and don't steal anything. But we all know that some people are using it to find easy scores.

Are the owners of the robbed houses entitled to recompense from the map makers? I don't know. But let's not pretend we don't know what's happening.

Yes I know, property rights don't correlate directly to digital creations, etc, etc. it's the closest analogy I could draw.

Comment Re:Frankly the software stinks (Score 1) 228

Is this a chicken or egg problem? Providers don't switch because the software is overpriced and crappy, and the software is that way because there's no competition, and there's no competition because not enough providers are switching?

Sounds like Linus Torvalds, Apple, and Microsoft need to get in a development war in the healthcare space so we can get some decent software :)

Comment Re:Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? (Score 1) 82

Just to play devil's advocate, compared to most current robots 8' is awfully tall. That's like twice the height of Asimo, right? The supposed "giant anaconda", which may or may not exist, is only purported to be twice the size of the regular ones. And Andre the giant wasn't 80 feet tall :)

I think for now, giant could apply to an 8' tall robot. Hopefully we'll see some of those, as opposed to the ones in that photo.

Comment Wow! Chris Jericho is eight feet tall?? (Score 1) 82

I need to start watching WWE!
Seriously it's funny to me that the the opening paragraph hypes the "eight-foot tall robots" under a photo that was probably purposefully staged to not make the host look smaller than the bots behind him so as not to bruise his ego or something.
Pure speculation on my part of course. Don't bring your WWE robot buddies to my house to beat me up, Mr Jericho!

Comment Re:MPG testing (Score 1) 238

I just used their reimbursement calculator, and they say I should expect about $67 back. Hey, it's better than nothing, but my own conservative calculation indicates that if I was getting 25mpg instead of the 20 I'm getting, they'd owe me over $450. Oh well. At least my wife's Tucson gets the mileage we expected.

Comment Re:MPG testing (Score 2) 238

I bought my 2011 Elantra in great part ot the claimed MPG rating, and have been sorely disappointed. I consistently get 20-21 MPG while the rating was in the mid 30s.

I admit I do almost all city driving, but my 1999 Civic got 29-30 mpg for its life doing basically the same thing for 11 years, so it's not a hard number to hit.

I've complained to the Hyundai dealer and everyone I speak to gives me a different answer: "lying salesmen", "break-in period", "cheap gas", etc.

I've tried cheap, mid-price, and top-end gas for extended periods over the 12k miles I've driven it and the mileage hasn't improved one iota since the day I drove it off the lot.

The mechanics have "checked it out" twice and both times said it's working perfectly.

Needless to say I won't be buying Hyundai again unless they cut me a check to cover the lost 100 miles per tank. If I'm lucky I expect I'll get a tenth of that.

Comment Re:Just crappy resistive touchscreens (Score 1) 398

Anyone that's used the Redbox rental kiosk by my house has seen this. That thing is never calibrated, and the cursor is well over an inch from where you touch. It's so bad that you almost can't hit the scroll arrow on the left side of the screen because touching at the very edge of the monitor barely gets the cursor to the arrow graphic's right edge.

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