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Comment Memory chips (Score 3, Informative) 87

Everybody's talking Intel vs ARM, etc., but TFS clearly says Samsung's major market is not processors, but memory chips (which I assume includes various forms of flash). The market for these things is huge, yet they are essentially commodity components. The volume of proprietary IP in a single Intel processor is vast compared to what Samsung produces. Even Samsung's processors use technology licensed from ARM. I don't think Intel is quaking in its boots just yet. The idea that Korean chaebols are huge, supply the world with manufactured goods, and make a lotta money is not new.

Comment Re:What if there was an Emergency? (Score 1) 294

Am I dumb ... or just old ... that I never really think about having a cellphone on me as being essential in the event of an emergency? If I walk out of the house without my phone, my first thought is more likely to be, "What if my friend tries to text me because he wants to go get beers?" Or "What if I'm at a store and I want to price check on Amazon and I can't?" Or, "Damn this is a long bus ride, I wish I could check Facebook!"

In an actual emergency, I think I could figure shit out. Worst case scenario, I'd run into the nearest business (or to a bouncer at a concert) and scream that I need an ambulance.

Comment Re:is this from the artist himself (Score 1) 294

There has been some research that people who record things with their phone have a poorer memory of the event because they're not actually paying attention to it, they're paying attention to the phone they're recording it with.

Similar research has been done around taking notes in classes. I've certainly seen the effects of that myself. I seldom took notes but paid attention to the speaker. Later, while studying, I saw some fellow students really struggling, even though they had practically written their own textbook with the notes they were taking. They were concentrating on taking the notes, which meant they had to "teach themselves" the material from the notes after the fact.

Comment PSA (Score 4, Interesting) 139

Yes, he was passed out and the car wasn't moving. Under California law, that's still drunk driving. A friend of mine had his car conk out just as he left the Bay Bridge. He was able to roll it over to the curb, park it, and call a tow truck. A CHP officer beat the tow truck to the scene, though, and determined my friend had been drinking. Because he was still sitting in the car while he waited for the tow, he was charged with a DUI in a car that was motionless and would not even start if he tried.

So don't drink and drive, m'kay?

Comment Re:Democracy is the new system for fact selection (Score 1) 140

I think social media in general exchanges rational behavior for attention seeking narcissism. The more extreme your behavior, the more attention you get which is normal but social media exploits to provide dopamine feedback for attention.

I honestly have no idea where to find all these "attention seeking narcissists" that /.ers are always talking about. Maybe you're thinking of YouTube? On Facebook, all I ever see are:

  1. News stories people post
  2. Announcements of shows, events, etc.
  3. Reviews of the same
  4. Memes and joke videos
  5. Pictures of people's pets
  6. Pictures of food

If all that adds up to hideous narcissism to you, all I can say is you must be fun at parties.

Comment Re:The supposed reason... (Score 2) 135

Do they really ever need to exceed 50 miles in a day?

I don't know. I wouldn't be shocked if they did that much in L.A. The thing is, I've heard it said that because police cars spend so much time idling while the officers are doing paperwork, sipping coffee, etc, cop car mechanics have instruments to tell them how long the engine has actually been running, rather than just looking at the odometer. I imagine an all-electric vehicle would get less overall wear and tear in this way, because the motor isn't doing anything when you're not moving?

Comment Re:The nerd connection (Score 2) 94

Terry Gross is probably the best in the world at what she does.

Wow, I just couldn't disagree more. I stopped listening to her years ago because of her softball interviewing style, with questions that are either uninformed or ignorant or that just plain miss the point. If her interview subjects end up saying really interesting things, it's not because of anything Terry Gross did. I think she's really terrible, and I'm not talking about political interviews, either. If she had Guillermo del Toro on, I expect she'd ask him how he first got interested in water.

Comment Re:I prefer "Merry Newtonmas"! "Happy Halloween" a (Score 1) 410

Luke chapter 2 says shepherds were sleeping outside overnight with their flocks when he was born so... yeah, it wasn't likely anywhere near Dec 25 by a large margin.

I dunno, the interwebs tells me that weather in Bethlehem in December averages around 59 degrees Fahrenheit, with record temperatures of up to 83 degrees -- so it doesn't sound crazy. You live the shepherd life back then, you're probably sleeping outdoors a lot.

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