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Submission + - Depressed People Surf the Web Differently

An anonymous reader writes: Are you constantly hitting refresh on your favorite site or spend countless hours surfing the web? If you answered yes, you may be depressed.

Internet usage was shown to vary between people who showed signs of depression and people who had no signs of depression. People who had symptoms of depression were more likely to use file-sharing programs and seemingly cruise around sites at random.

Submission + - Nikola Tesla Wasn't God and Thomas Edison Wasn't the Devil (

dsinc writes: Forbes' Alex Knapp writes about the Tesla idolatry and confusing his genius for godhood: "Tesla wasn’t an ignored god-hero. Thomas Edison wasn’t the devil. They were both brilliant, strong-willed men who helped build our modern world. They both did great things and awful things. They were both brilliantly right about some things and just as brilliantly wrong about others. They had foibles, quirks, passions, misunderstandings and moments of wonder."

Comment Re:60 years of raining death and destruction (Score -1) 403

Talking about "reality distorsion field", why don't you rather say "US egemony" instead of "western freedom" ?

That would better reflect the reality facts, in my opinion.

I am living in one of your "free" western country and I must say that reading about celebrations of the 60th anniversary of a weapon of mass destruction just makes me want to P-U-K-E.


Submission + - Huge and wide variety of memorabilia gifts waiting (

An anonymous reader writes: There are millions of people who love the affection and love on real occasions like new year 2012 in the form of autographs and signatures of their favorite icons. In fact, the internet offers you a brilliant platform for the interested consumers to buy different types of photos and memorable moments of the celebrities. Memorabilia 4U is really a special and most popular online store where people can quench their thirst as the company believes in your satisfaction. Started in 2003, the company feels pleased to offer you variety, flexibility and originality in its products and services. This is no doubt, essential because if our consumers are not contented with the quality of signed memorabilia then there will be no essence of our services as gift for Christmas.
The sole objective of this company in the name of Memorabilia 4U is to offer genuine products as Christmas gifts in the form of celebrities’ signatures and photos to their worldwide fans so that they can easily be gifted as Christmas presents. Right from the beginning in 2003, the platform is now the leading supplier and has been offering very credible products that will not compromise with the inherent quality and cost. The website further makes it sure that all the star autographs are thoroughly checked to boast of authenticity.
                                                                    The consumers are the real jewels for the company as they believe in the services, good navigation panel and easy searching user interface. All these essential and awesome features are the best for online marketing when you think of getting the superb gift ideas 2011 in less time.
Depending on the choice and mood of consumers, the website promotes and prepares to have different categories of new year gifts. It is all about the satisfaction, content, better consumer service, ultimate shopping experience and above all, the affordability of the various deals that greatly attract the valued customers. Since our company is registered and accredited with the well known autograph clubs and associations, the consumer does not have to worry about the quality and authenticity of the memorabilia gift. Nowadays, with the immense popularity of the Harry Potter series, cartoons, movies, sci-fi fictions, Star Wars and different fashion models stealing the hearts of people, the company has made sure that everything must be present in the online stock. This has further improved the credibility, variety and above all, the efforts of the company towards the sole interests of the consumers to buy autographs.
There is no denying the fact that the company in the name of Memorabilia 4U is at its best as far as the quality and shipping services is concerned. It is definitely a second to none in this world when it comes to shopping experience, originality of the autographs, competitive price tags and no doubt, the genuine services offered with ultimate celebrity autographs.
With such an awesome and compatible service of Memorabilia 4U just below your nose, you will definitely like to celebrate Christmas 2011 in style. Autographs and great photos of the celebrities will work wonders with the life of your loved ones. And, you will have an ultimate choice of gifting the autographed photo to make the occasion more vibrant and memorable one!
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Submission + - Short but sweet meteor shower arrives Jan. 4 (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: Sky watchers are in for their first treat of 2012, as the short but intense Quadrantid meteor shower will light up the northern sky in the early morning of Jan. 4. According to a NASA web page on the Quadrantids, there could be as many as 200 meteors per hour, though the average rate is about 60 to 100 per hour. According to NASA, the shower originates from an asteroid, that may be a piece of a comet which broke apart several centuries ago, and that the meteors you will see before dawn on Jan. 4 are the small debris from this fragmentation. The Quadrantids have not been studied as extensively as some of the better-known meteor showers like the Perseids and Geminids, possibly because it's best visible in far northern latitudes, where its appearance coincides with cold weather. Another factor may be the short peak of the shower, which means some observers may miss it if they're not watching at just the right time if they're not in the right spot. According to, the shower can be hard to see because some of the meteors are faint, requiring exceptional observation conditions.

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