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Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 122

AMC may not be supportive of it, but I use mine at my local AMC theater all the time. You check in with the app, go to the counter then use it like any other MasterCard. Unless the theater specifically tells employees to look at people's cards and then tell them they won't accept a MoviePass branded Mastercard, I don't see how they can prevent it.

I would guess that refusing a specific legitimate MasterCard would violate their merchant agreement and tehy probably don't want to mess with masterCard. If they are so worried about MoviePass devaluing the movie experience then use the added attendance to show people that going to a movie can be worthwhile so tehy comeback when MoviePass goes bust. Use this as away to build some interest while you take MoviePass' money.

If I were at AMC I'd tray to track the added revenue from MoviePass in terms of concessions, etc bu getting people to link the AMC rewards to their MoviePass card, and then see if the added marginal revenue makes it worthwhile to cut a deal with MoviePass to keep people coming more often.

I can studios being worried if it cuts into the box office and thus their revenue and blockbuster box office PR.

Comment Re:This has been known for a long time. (Score 1) 275

This isn't news. Flight attendants suffer increased risk of cancer. Probably because of this radiation. Astronauts have restrictions on total flight hours because of cosmic radiation.

I always found it humorous that nuclear submariners had to wear dosimeters even though our doses were less than flight crews.

Comment Re:Majority (Score 1) 410

The majority of Americans aren't hate-filled malcontents that actively seek opportunities to be offended by nothing little holiday traditions. The majority of Americans know there is nothing in "Merry Christmas" that needs to be fixed and have low regard the shitheels that think there is.

Exactly. Most realize it is just to remind you of the impending holiday sales and after Christmas clearance sales. Merry Merchandizing just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 36

It kind of defeats the point of AI if you preload it with all kinds of statistics a human wouldn't have access to while playing a game. The point of AI is to make a computer think and learn like a human, not to prove that a computer can beat a human. We already know computers are better at calculations than humans.

In the context you are talking about I always though AI was the wrong term also since all it i really do is many more complex computations father than a human can but not really coining up with any cognitive thought. While that is useful as an adjunct to human problem solving it really isn't intelligence. Years ago when I was in high school I attendee series of classes taught by some researchers on pattern recognition; which is really what this is except with a lot more computational power.

Comment Re:Dumb question (Score 2) 186

Can the FCC's 'Net Neutrality' Decision Be Overturned in Congress?

Of course it can. Congress created the FCC, so it can make whatever law it wants to override FCC's decision. Will it is a better question.

The key is to build bipartisan support for the effort. either side wants an ISP to decide how good the connection is to their site; the specter of an ISP deciding to slow down sites with "wrong" POVs should motivate all to unite for net neutrality; as should the potential for a political opponent to buy preferred access. All this talk about "rights" and "how the net should operate" is mere noise compared to a threat to a politician's reelection.get them to see a threat to their existence and to start counting votes.

Comment Re:Not at all (Score 1) 365

Printing presses are a feature? No, they are a bug.

Exchanges would be analogous to banks. The blockchain would be analogous to the fed.

Except there is no one standing behind an exchange, unlike a bank; nor is there a way to undo a fraudulent transaction. The blockchain is merely a ledger, teh fed does a lot more than the blockchain does.

Comment Re:Not at all (Score 1) 365

Ignore the biggest one, the social security trust fund. Government is no better than Madoff.

While I agree with your sentiment, at least with the SSTF you know who is stealing the money while with Bitcoin who knows? The big difference is a government has ways to make good on its promises while with Bitcoin if an exchange goes bust you are out of luck.

Comment Re:Caveat emptor (Score 3, Insightful) 233

Stupidity is never a good investment. They should have done that when it was at 11 bucks, not 11.000.

Unfortunately, the amount of stupidity in the universe seems to exceed the size of the universe. I read a quote to that effect on the internet so it must be true.

This has all the makings of the Tulip Bubble combined with a pump and dump scheme. Folks who have a lot of BitCoins from early on are in a position to cash out and can manipulate the market to avoid a crash and run on it. The lack of liquidity on the sell side means the suckers ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H investors buying in now won't be able to easily pull out in a dip when they need money or take advantage of a rise in value to pay off the mortgage. All the big players need to is keep hitting new highs after dips to keep people from jumping in while they sell their cache for cash as tehy get out of the game. Volatility is their friend because all people see is a chance to make huge gains without understanding the underlying risk or fundamentals of the marketplace. Best of all, the manipulation is perfectly legal since it is unregulated and no one is selling BitCoin as an investment.

Comment Re:UFOs or Aliens (Score 1) 384

UFOs? Yes. People see things they can't identify, they're flying, thus Unidentified Flying Objects. Most of the time, you'll eventually get a pretty good explanation for them.

In addition, people are pretty poor eye witnesses. They interpret what they saw which may not be an accurate depiction of what they actually saw. I've worked with operators in simulators who would swear they saw X, even after the videotape showed they didn't.

What's left usually happens near weapon testing sites where governments try out their new toys. And why would governments act strange and keep the alien myth alive? Because it's better to send you on a wild goose chase for aliens and flying saucers, that way you don't want to investigate their much more mundane new stealth bomber.

True, but then you get a Congressional inquiry about the UFO because a nutcase constituent wrote their Cogresscritter about the UFO they saw near base X; and you need to draft a reply and can't say "Your constituent is a nut case, please ignore..."

There is very little reason to believe it's aliens. For a very simple reason: You want to tell me that these people (or whatever they are) are capable of FTL travel, come here to this rather insignificant marble in a godforsaken corner of a nondescript galaxy... and then crash land because they can't brake in time? Please.

Maybe their millennial child took their starship for a joyride?

Comment Re:Valve are not fools (Score 1) 151

The problem is that people have been saying that for a long time, and yet the price just keeps going on. I was expecting the bubble to pop several times now, and in fact it sorta had, but then the price very quickly shot even higher than it was before that pop.

I just don't get it. Bitcoin is no longer useful even as a currency due to the transaction fees and transaction times involved. It strikes me to being a very high-stakes version of collecting Magic the Gather or Pokemon cards.

It is possible a few players are driving volatility to make money off of the swings. The can make money on the movement and if they can move enough to spike prices, from a quick glance it looks like that may have happened on 12 Nov.

Comment Re:Disingenuous to focus on the defendant's age (Score 4, Interesting) 239

The studio is suing b/c the kid refused to comply with their DMCA notice. While there is a legitimate debate over whether the DMCA notice was justified, the age (or health, political views, sexual preference, etc) of the alleged defender is not an issue.

Depends on contract law. I some places a person under a certain age cannot enter into a legal contract and thus any language in an EULA that prohibits publishing cheat codes might be unenforceable since no contract existed. Even if it was, snippets would be fair use and not a copyright violation. My guess they want dto scare the kid but just experienced an epic fail.

Comment Re:People say cocaine is (Score 4, Funny) 272

So, I clicked on the comments section thinking, "A private company launching the highest payload rocket since the Saturn V, with game-changing launch costs even without reuse, designed to land on barges and landing pads, and rather than risking a super-expensive satellite on the maiden launch, they're doing it in the most hilarious manner possible, at the CEO's expense? There's no way anyone is going to be turning this into a negative!"

Hello Slashdot. Thanks for finding new ways to disappoint.

You left out the biggest positive for Tesla: They can announce an option that increases your range by millions of miles on a single charge...

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