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Comment *sigh* (Score 1) 263

I am the sole responsible for:

1. "Foda-se mais esta merda! Desisto! Quem é que fez este XML?" (Fuck this shit! I give up! Who made this xml feed?" for two hours on the homepage of a major info site.
2. "A merda do webservice fodeu-se" (The shitty webservice fucked up!) for 4 or 5 days on teletext.

I now only curse on safe places. Like on places I *know* will never be seen. err....

Comment Re:Tests, Manual, Support by programmer. (Score 1) 394

PHB: specifications??!!? We don't need no stinking specifications!
Me/you/anonymous programmer forced to work with said PHB (MYAPFWWSPHB): so we're supposed to work without a net, hu? Again, hu? You do remember last project and what you said could never happen again, right?
PHB: this time it's different! See? It's just a simple web app for just a few thousand users!!! What could possibly go wrong?

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