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Comment One time passwords (Score 1) 251

The solution is obviously to use a machine generated one time password, possibly with a limited lifetime, to protect some data - for instance a password. It can be used only one time and the protected data delivered using SSL and is securely deleted afterwards. The real password would be stored inside this data and will only be in cleartext for the lifetime of the data or until it is fetched.

Comment Stupid! (Score 1) 286

How can it not be MY choice to decide what I DON'T want to see on my screen?!?!

I understand that content owners control stuff they create and can require me to pay to view or ban me from viewing, or even from replacing one set of ads with another before passing content to a third party, but they can't prevent me from closing my eyes or looking away so why should they think they can prevent me from removing junk from a webpage?

Comment Re: question (Score 3, Insightful) 286

A lot of things are forbidden in Europe and we're better off for it. One day you stupid americans will learn that civilization is defined but what we forbid and not by what we allow. The more bans, the more civilized a country is. It's as simple as that.

You're kidding, right? Irony?

In my opinion we would be better off with absolutely no limits on free speech.

Comment Re:Idiotic Nonsense (Score 2) 141

I've noticed that every single IP address has at least one segment >255. Perhaps it's a legal thing - their lawyers tell them not to show any address that might be in use by a real entity, and using invalid IPs is their equivilent of a 555 area code?

That is exactly what it is. Saw it as far back as the first "American Pie" movie. The legal angle is to avoid collision with real IPs (or phone numbers) which could result in nasty lawsuits.

Comment Re: Anonymous Overlay Networks (Score 1) 136

Actually we can win. It is just a matter of not paying for movies and music for long enough and the Big Money will run out of money. Then the artists will have to reorganize in order to continue their career and make a living, and that will be the end of those huge media organizations as the only profitable way of making a living for the artists will be to sell directly to their fans, bypassing everything else thus both making stuff a lot cheaper to buy and to make distribution truly global and immediate - thus eliminating the two most fundamental reasons for pirating.

Comment Willing to kill but respect a ban on encryption? (Score 1) 161

How incredibly likely... You are a fanatic willing to kill scores of innocents but won't use encryption because it's illegal? This has to be the most stupid idea in a long time!

Sorry for shouting but it's so bleeding obvious!

The only people that will respect such a ban would be normal law-abiding people and they are not likely to be interesting to Europol and similar.

Comment Just make voter registration automatic! (Score 1) 1089

In many civilized countries, voters will receive a voter's card inviting them to vote at each election. To vote you show up with the card and it is matched with a list. In case of issues picture id may be required but that's extremely rare. When validated you get the ballot and do the actual voting.

How hard can that be?

Of course illegals with get no voter's card and cannot vote, but that's to be expected.

If you don't vote you'll have no say in the decisions made but it's all up to you. Making people vote by force will gain noting useful.

Comment Re:With Uber at least there is tracking and identi (Score 1) 82

Aside from experiences, there's also the price. In some countries (Denmark) regular cab fare is pretty expensive and Uber and similar is far cheaper. Until recently it was a requirement that expensive high end cars (usually Mercedes) were used as cabs, and now more regular cars are often used, but the fares are centrally controlled and they have not come down.

Comment Spread the word! (Score 1) 246

Keep spreading the word about this device so that every single person, no matter how stupid, will know this device exists and that it can be used both to locate a specific phone extremely accurately, to access logs and other contents on certain phones, to eavesdrop on conversations and so on. People will also know that it can be used without a warrant so it may be used against them no matter what. Morale? - Don't carry a cellphone to a crime and used encryption software on the phone to ensure that anyone with such a device cannot eavesdrop.

Comment Re:Offense: (Score 1) 360

But - as is the case with the infamous 'updated CDA' from the USA - nobody bothers to actually define the very fuzzy words 'offensive', 'indecent' and 'obscene' which means that you basically can get arrested and punished for saying ANYTHING as it just has to be offensive, indecent or obscene to someone, and you have no way of knowing in advance if you are breaking the law or not. This is exactly why the updates to the CDA has been struck down repeatedly.

It is sad that a supposedly civilized country like the UK has such laws that people can violate without knowing it.

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