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Comment Wrong way (Score 1) 584

What we need is NOT more gender separation, this time under the pretense of 'safety', but an actual fix that will bring safety without separation.

In other words - we need to go for the cause of the safety concerns - bad male behavior. This is not an easy fix because some areas of society is saturated with misogynistic attitudes, culture and traditions. This is made worse by the lack of consequence for men behaving badly, which easily can escalate into more rude and abusive behavior.

I can't say what the solution here is. A swift kick in the groin and a whack over the head may feel nice but I doubt it will have any long term effect on the rude behavior. Maybe we really need to directly outlaw catcalling and similar 'soft' abusive behavior, along with actual groping and similar invasive behavior, and punish with stiff fines and a stint behind bars.

Comment Funny they chose an airport... (Score 1) 197

Some airports have the worst wifi ever! People who are just passing through won't connect to roaming data services which are beyond expensive but will look for a working wifi anywhere. Passed through Toronto Pearson Airport late January 2016: Possibly the worst wifi ever. Hard to connect, frequent drops, basically no actual network connection. I was basically looking for *anything* to get connected and would most likely have jumped on any open network...

Comment Obvious problem (Score 1) 210

I'm completely amazed that the Iranian government don't see the obvious problem with their society when they need a 'morality police' to make the population comply with some arbitrary standard that the population obviously don't agree with. Shouldn't the standard be defined by the people, not by some out-of-touch-with-reality council or similar?

Religion is once again beyond stupid.

Comment One time passwords (Score 1) 251

The solution is obviously to use a machine generated one time password, possibly with a limited lifetime, to protect some data - for instance a password. It can be used only one time and the protected data delivered using SSL and is securely deleted afterwards. The real password would be stored inside this data and will only be in cleartext for the lifetime of the data or until it is fetched.

Comment Stupid! (Score 1) 286

How can it not be MY choice to decide what I DON'T want to see on my screen?!?!

I understand that content owners control stuff they create and can require me to pay to view or ban me from viewing, or even from replacing one set of ads with another before passing content to a third party, but they can't prevent me from closing my eyes or looking away so why should they think they can prevent me from removing junk from a webpage?

Comment Re: question (Score 3, Insightful) 286

A lot of things are forbidden in Europe and we're better off for it. One day you stupid americans will learn that civilization is defined but what we forbid and not by what we allow. The more bans, the more civilized a country is. It's as simple as that.

You're kidding, right? Irony?

In my opinion we would be better off with absolutely no limits on free speech.

Comment Re:Idiotic Nonsense (Score 2) 141

I've noticed that every single IP address has at least one segment >255. Perhaps it's a legal thing - their lawyers tell them not to show any address that might be in use by a real entity, and using invalid IPs is their equivilent of a 555 area code?

That is exactly what it is. Saw it as far back as the first "American Pie" movie. The legal angle is to avoid collision with real IPs (or phone numbers) which could result in nasty lawsuits.

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