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Comment Re:"wasn't that I was able to type faster"... (Score 1) 34

That was a key worry for me when I got my Z30. Once I got used to the auto-suggest I turned out to be a faster typer. Especially when it gets used to you, too. I've typed an entire (routine) sentence using 7 or 8 swipe-ups, f'rinstance.

Generally it won't auto-correct me. The suggested word is above the next letter one is going to type. Common variations show above other appropriate letters. Very convenient, and I don't have to look back and forth between the keys and the screen and a "suggestion field" or whatever.

Regarding speed, I remember watching a race between 2 teens with phones and 2 ditty-boppers (morse operators) with telegraph keys. They had to send a paragraph to their mate and be the first to read it to the audience. Ditty-boppers FTW, natch, by a long shot. Of course, this was back in the days where, if you didn't have a BB, you had to send messages by cycling through the numbers & alphabet. Even today, I expect a couple of experienced boppers would still win against average teens, but they'd probably lose out to an experienced texter.

Comment I wanted to like the new i7s (Score 1) 34

I have a Z30. I strongly considered the i7s, but declined.

1. Still no gorilla glass.
2. Still no real multi-processing.
3. Apparently it just recently got cut & paste. Makes me wonder what other standard tasks that I would expect aren't part of the apple zeitgeist.

These aren't all my reasons, of course. Price and lock-in are considerations, etc.

I wanted to like the new i7s. I saw a side by side between i7 and S8. The i7 was snappy and the demo impressed me. And, of course, apps, apps and more apps.

Anyhoo, in normal /. fashion, I haven't RTFA yet, but from the TFS it seems that the review is all about damning the BB with faint praise.

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 1) 205

I read that one of Lorne's ideas was that he did *not* want the kind of comedy variety shows that were on around then. Where part of the shtick were the stars and their sidekicks (and the audience) getting into laughing jags (often due to an ad-lib).

Stars are expensive, too. Ensemble casts, not so much.

Jimmy does seem to have a charmed life.

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