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Comment From people who don't understand govt (Score 3, Informative) 283

The spin on the story suggests Congress purposely cut funding to that satellite for ideological reasons (in the opinion of 'many' scientists). Go to the link and it becomes clear that the program had been very poorly managed and half a billion had been spent on the satellite PLUS the manager (the Air Force) is already working on follow-on programs.

So really what was the intent of this post? To make it seem like this was part of a Republican anti-science/climate change denial effort?
Actually the story should be: under the previous administration the Air Force was permitted to mismanage a publicly funded project to the tune of +$500 million dollars and finally Congress stopped the pouring of more money in to the project.

Comment Join a Start Up ! (Score 1) 481

Look around at the start ups in your area. Many are crying out for skilled workers but can't afford them. You will not initially get the pay you might think you deserve but that is the nature of start up life. Potentially there is a huge reward if the company is successful. Your CV will remain current (bleeding edge) and (likely) interesting. And frankly, working with the very much younger crowd of devs typical of a small start up is inspiring, they're full of ideas, energy, and thirst for knowledge. It rubs off on you. PLUS networking: when they move on, they remember you meaning they can recommend/hire you.

Been there, doing that, loving it.

Comment Video is 'augemented' (Score 0) 63

Look at the opening 8 seconds carefully. Look at the texture, how there are bumps that match the 'algae' (seaweed) leaves. Suddenly those leaves 'melt' down to form the smooth body of the octopus ... uh, no. The octopus changes color but it does not magically alter its skin texture to produce bumps, etc.

Comment Re:Will it run Matlab and R? (Score 1) 104

"... crappy PC's..." ? Why would you run R/Matlab/simulation tools on anything but a PC. For any price point I have yet to see a laptop match the performance of PC. Drop $1k on a PC and you can have 6-8 cores, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB HD and a +22" screen. Spend $7k on a laptop and a PC at the same price will outperform it by 2 orders of magnitude.

Comment Finally all the authors will get royalties ... (Score 1) 196

... actually, no. Not at all.
It's interesting, it _sounds_ like the ACS is representing beleaguered authors of papers fighting to get their share of profits ($4.8 million in damages). The name includes 'Society' which makes it sound like a professional organization of chemists. But it isn't.
It's reasonable to assume that those authors are getting much wider distribution because their (in some cases) publicly funded work isn't hidden behind a pay wall. And that's why they try to get published.

Comment _this_ is why there are climate change deniers (Score 1) 262

Seriously the entire message with this ilk of 'solution' is:

"Hey people you can keep doing things just the way you always have, we the [engineers, scientists, politicians] have a silver bullet. Trust us."

There is no climate problem, there _is_ a problem with our rampant disregard for the limits of our resources and the grossly wasteful way we use them. The real problem how we treat our planet regardless of what the atmosphere is doing. Anyone waving a threat in your face without addressing the real issue is just looking for profit or power.

Comment Re:Sonic boom was never a problem. Fuel cost was. (Score 1) 234

Served in the Navy and was at sea in the mid-Atlantic on two occasions when the Concorde flew overhead. On each occasion it sounded and felt like we had fired a round from our 5" forward turret. It was _loud_ and shook things up. There's no way it would be acceptable over a populated land mass.

Comment Masterful Self Advertising of security startup? (Score 0) 65

You could look at the whole propagation of the ransomware as an attention getter, a brilliant advertising campaign that has netted the creator(s) many millions worth of advertising and street-cred. Wouldn't you hire this person/company now for your security needs, good or bad?

Comment Lack of comments here says it all (Score 1) 167

People don't care. Government doesn't care.
Not here not anywhere except maybe some students in a university course.
The rest are oblivious or if aware they think it doesn't matter.
And maybe it doesn't. Who is affected by BIG PUBLISHING's stranglehold? Researchers that are not in an institution that pays subscription fees or that are behind an embargo/firewall etc. That's really not a lot of people in the big picture.
And what alternatives are there for those researchers in this day and age? Well, get in touch with the author of the paper of interest and ask for a copy. Why not?
Alternatively, why don't all authors make pre-prints available on their home pages? A publisher/publication typically requires a maximum 6-8 pages but every researcher has to trim the fat to achieve that. So publish the 'full' version on a home page and in arxiv.

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