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Comment Those evil young men with money. (Score 2) 321

Prostitution is the oldest profession in civilization. It probably existed before recorded civilization.

But yeah, lets blame young tech workers for the problem. Lets blame "insensitivity". But lets ignore the politicians and the police, who set policy and can use immigration status to go after sex workers. Lets ignore capitalism, because they're all doing this for free. Lets blame news outlets for not covering this "tragedy" and making it the #1 issue in Seattle, as opposed to housing, infrastructure, law enforcement, and the residents themselves.

Lets blame tech workers again, for using data to create a prostitution map, because their "callousness" and "inappropriate" sense of humor is the "root" of the problem. Where's the community "outreach" to their new residents paying taxes to their community? Ah, well they're
Asians and Jews and geeks; who wants them marrying into the family? /s But lets keep pretending illegal immigration is not a problem, because Asian sex slaves are a moral horror, but there aren't taking White American sex slaves' livelihoods, so its not a big deal or relevant to the mechanics of the local trade.

Comment Re:A lack of imagination? (Score 1) 285

a mission to Mars will imply more than a year in space.

It doesn't have to. Our current presumptions about a Mars mission taking more than a year has to do with current (1960) chemical rocket technology. If you could thrust a habitation payload to a fraction of the speed of light, the trip would be much faster. The cap on maximal thrust has to do with the fact that all the fuel has to be moved into space from the Earth.

What could be done instead is invest in ion engine technology, where instead of a combustion reaction (in vaccuum) propelling the craft, particles are charged to significant energies, and then they are directed in a particular direction, providing thrust. The limitation here is not fuel, but energy generation to propel gaseous atoms.

With enough ionic thrust, it could take a mere 3 months to get to Mars, and may not even need to produce the materials needed to return to Earth.

Comment Re:Pirate Bay Haven (Score 1) 176

Apparently, you do not understand what communication satellites are, or how they are serviced. Once a satellite is launched into orbit, it requires zero servicing. What satellite companies are doing after launch is servicing the data that gets transmitted to/from the satellite. You do not need a satellite company to communicate to a satellite. Ham radio enthusiasts have been "communicating" to their ham satellites for years, independent of a satellite company.

As long as the communication to the satellite (for its services) doesn't require encrypted authentication, there's no need for the satellite to be "serviced" by a company. The problem with Asguardia is that most commercial satellites are in LEO, not GEO; so LEO satellites will not stay in orbit indefinitely.

Comment Re:Linux will become the predominant user desktop. (Score 1) 417

why would *I* move to the cloud? I have a laptop.

1) By virtue of reading slashdot, you are a geeky weirdo, not a typical user. You'll never want to move to the cloud, until you become like your parents. You'll be the reason Linux will become the desktop OS of the year (forever actually).

2) You can operate on the cloud with a laptop. Its called a chromebook. Yeah, for those who care, some form of wireless network service will be ubiquitous for urban areas.

Why would I move to the cloud?

To not deal with Microsoft's haphazard software security updates. For your data to be slightly more secure once you move to cloud computing. Because one day a cloud service will offer the average user advantages over standalone OSs, like unlimited, ease of use backup of data, better price for computing services than a standalone PC (which seems to need bimonthly updates), and the whole "system" doesn't go obsolete, requiring repurchasing every few years.

And after the majority of users have moved to cloud services, one day you won't be able to use your credit ID to buy stuff, because the vendors on the internet will only want to sell stuff through the "secure" cloud. The gamers have long ago moved to cloud, because its costs nothing to send a video stream to your screen, while the cloud has preprocessed that gamer stream with its 1M of GPU units per cents of gamer time, and the user will never have to dick around with buying video cards and video card settings. You remember how long ago, EA Sports stopped selling a version of Madden Football to PCs? That'll happen for the cloud as well for other games. Besides, no consumer discrete GPU will be able to manage the imaging for your hologram room, where you'll do all your gaming and visiting distant friends and relatives.

Only neckbeards, survivalist whackjobs, and Alex Jones fans will want to have their own computing box they "control".

In a foreign country with absurd internet costs ...

There will always be people who want to go to a shithole and have internet access. Those people will have laptops running linux. Normal (non-rural) people will live at home, and the cloud will be ubiquitous, and they won't even realize that wireless networking services will be required to get their "screen" to work.

Microsoft is motivated to do this, but right now, the business sector is the only customer that really grasps the potential ROI. Once they're on board and datacenters and APIs are in place, Microsoft will figure out cheap ways to absorb the consumer market. If they don't, some company in India or China eventually will.

Comment This is not news for nerds (Score 0) 133

Anyone who installs linux on their machines understands that Ubuntu is not a corporate vanguard for FOSS hippies or run by a tech "evangelist". They've decided to cease providing service for machines that are over 10 years old, which is what a PC running an Intel CPU older than the Core I-series (or a slightly less recent ARM cpu). If you don't like that, boo-effing-hoo.

I can find drivel like this on reddit. I expect Slashdot to do better job at curation of articles.

Comment Do it! (Score 2) 90

I hope Facebook responds by never accepting another Russian funded ad. Not just the Russian propaganda machine will be thwarted in the US, but also Europe, and any other place Facebook has a presence. The Russian audience, by contrast, is minuscule, and Russia is just a big gas station with outdated weapons for export.

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