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Comment Re: Not Fracking. Disposal. (Score 1) 127

Overly restrictive, like, 'Please, don't poison the local aquifer', or 'Can you avoid killing most of the wildlife in the area', and 'Even though they are poor, doesn't mean you can ruin their homes'.

Some regulations are needed, others are not, that's what debate and compromise is supposed to be for.

To say that the 'little to no regulation environment' wanted by energy companies is foolish would be insulting to fools.

Comment Frackin A. (Score 1) 127

First off, NPR edited and reported on what the USGS published. That's called news, NPR is not the source, the USGS is. If your world renowned PhD is laughing at the USGS, I think he needs to publish a paper explaining why.

Second, this is Slashdot, not a peer reviewed scientific journal. Posting links is fine as long as they are backed by real research. Again, I think the USGS is, by far, the best source for this. That's what they do, their agenda is to answer questions, not to make money for the local energy concern.

Given the gas and oil industry's scientific reputation, anything they publish should be suspect. (Remember how safe leaded gas was?)

Comment Not Fracking. Disposal. (Score 1) 127

...and no it's not fracking. The faults already existed, the only thing that fracking may have done is lubricate those faults, they still would've happened eventually.

Unaided those earthquakes would have happened anyway, on the normal geologic timescale of some time in the next thousand years.

But I agree with you, it's not fracking, it's wastewater disposal. We've known since the 50's that you don't pump water into areas that are not stable. What's going to happen is the state is going to do very little until there's an earthquake that does major damage. Then the Feds are going to get involved and things will finally get done.

Also, at some point, some random idiot with a following will blame the gays, Jews, Muslims, communists, blacks, or generic sinners for this. The only group that will not be blamed will be the people who pumped water at high speeds into an unstable area.

Comment Re:The strangest place? (Score 1) 322

It was my Uncle and a Dell Inspiron desktop and nothing was working right since he had no idea how to maintain the computer. But he did know how to use Firefox and get his email.

I fixed his computer as a Christmas gift. It runs Windows 7 now and he knows how to use IE and get his email.

I also turned on auto update, cranked UAC to maximum and set it to require a password, 3 years, no support calls.

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