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Journal Journal: Patience

Why oh why is March 21st so far away? The gods seem to taunt and tease.

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Journal Journal: **No Title**

A-bot. I'm drunk and I love you. I love you. West Western style hardcore. Straight up Nelly Bling Bling!

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Journal Journal: The search for company

Today I embark upon a mission for friendship. A mission for love. I am leaving to find meaning in a friendship which should never have been understated.

Have a happy new year's all.


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Journal Journal: Here ye, here ye!

I have passed my calculus class! Life is gooood. Most of my grades were A's with a couple B's and C's. I'm okay with that, I can do better next semester.

I found that I've got myself caughtup in all this bullshit about school. I've bought into the all they hype about grades being the only measure of a person. I've been blinded to the fact that every aspect of life is equally important, that all people focus on at least one aspect to make their own. Mine has become achieving society's goals of doing well in school, becoming sucsessful at what I love. I don't know whether I completely appreciate my philosophy. I have forgotten to honor the lives that my boys Conor and Kit live. I love you all.

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Journal Journal: *BINGGG!* 2

So I was writing this bomb funk journal entry. And then stupid contextual menus crashed Chimera. I need the 60meg update to 10.2.3...damn this infernal modem!

So last night was the grande reunione. I spent the day with Lauren, then Mike, TJ, Syd, and Conor. Man so awesome to be back. We all just flow like putty. Warm putty. When it's not too viscous. We drank beer, smoked ganja, and talked about the universe. Such a fantastic discussion, the 5 of us, all switching around person to person mano a mano. Our dreams condensing into a river. Ahh,,,mary jane ;]

Syd and I were talking, we both were feeling it, but she put words to it: school is cool and all, good people, good times, but we still have not let our guards down totally. We're still on our toes, not too sure where to lie with everyone. Things are pleasant but there's nothing like the warm embrace of an old friend.


I finally got my mobile phone functional, well it was never not functional, but at least now I no longer roam. So dial to your heart's content. I want to eat some Taco Loco!

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Journal Journal: whew 1

after not sleeping last night, getting the shuttle at 6am, taking the plane to Chicago 8:45 to 10:30 (Chicago time), hanging out with Angie for an hour, flying from Chicago to LA 3:30pm CA time, and sitting in LA traffic for an hour to finally get to my rainy home 15 hours from when i started, i'm exhausted. oh yeah, i smoked some extraordinarily good ganja with TJ and Mike on the way home. It's good to be back in CA.


my phone here says "roaming" every time i turn it on. so i won't be making any calls with it until i am able to get this corrected and use it locally without fees. so if you want to contact me, call at 2041-886-508 and leave a message. i probably won't call you back cause it's $$$, but hey. (that number is reversed because i'm paranoid of bots that crawl the web searching for numbers to add to telemarketing databases.)

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Journal Journal: Amazonian Piano

Today's edition of Slashdot links to an interesting story on bringing a baby grand piano to the Amazonian Wai Wai tribe. Supposedly they are a very musical tribe, with beautiful chorals. I wonder how having a western instrument would affect their sonority and harmony. Be interesting to gradually listen to their harmonies change. I wonder if they were never exposed to it, a 4-5-1 progression would eventually evolve from the timbre and tuning. However, this theory will be impossible to test. Damn near everyone in this world is westernized either in their clothing, their attitudes, their culture, or other.


So Trevor and I are moving into 619. Wow. Crazyassness. Just gotta get D3LM4R the fuck out. I'm so excited, we may put Pat and Danny's beds into our room under our lofts and sleep 4 to our room with a party room in good old 620, but we'll see. However, I'm kinda worried...well not really . I can just see mass chaos and failing grades ensuing. If I can get my hands on a cheap work desk, I'll move my music and computer gear, my project studio into the closet. Pretty dope. But all will have to wait and see....

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Journal Journal: Stoned.

Cyclic journies through space. Gas and stars mixing with the music. Minimalist beauty and eternally minute detail. Emotion mixed with steel, the march trounces on. So many destinations for life, why does it choose the route it does?

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Journal Journal: OMG

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Somebody buy me one. Pllllleeeeazee? thanks.

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Journal Journal: Stereolab

Mary from Stereolab died. A truck backed into her while she was riding her bike in London. Here's to good music, love.
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Journal Journal: EFF

I just donated $25 to the EFF!! If you are worried about corporations strangling your government and technology, donate today! And while you're at it, send your U.S. Republic representitives some faxes!
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Journal Journal: so... 1

I never thought I'd actually do the journal thing, and who know's whether or not I'll ever write in this again, but here it is. My online journal. Wow. You must be stoked. Another individual dribbling on about insignificant events in his life. Mr. Optimist, that's my name.

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