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Comment Excelsior, true believers! (Score 0) 359

"As it turned out," some guy wrote in 2128, "none of any of this mattered as computerized DNA analysis was soon to let children construct their own life forms while growing up in preparation for their unlimited lifespans, watching as robots cleaned up the environment and harvested untold archaeological data from the time from landfills."

"What if those scientists and their politicians had succeeded?" asked a child, nearly in tears.

"They'd have slowed technological advancement needlessly by applying well-meaning but burdensome regulations that had the net effect of being similar to the burden corrupt governments and mafia organizations have on business, where few people invest because of the up front bribery burden and, if they manage to succeed, end up having to continue massive kickbacks on the success."

"How could they get away with this?"

"They had a number of true believers, who tried their best to suppress oppositional speech, for example, by downmodding posts on various BBS systems in an attempt to hide opinions."

Comment I wonder how much the people of Mexico paid. (Score 1) 54

I've been complaining for several years now that our spyware, used for terrorism and mundane criminality, i.e. small things, will be used or cloned by despots to keep billions around the world down.

Hooray for our police! Buying a few solved crimes and some dozens of deaths at the hands of enslaving billions around the world!

I just had no idea ae would be participating directly.

Comment Big Brother: Star Trek (Score 1) 243

Splitting it in two will also allow it to exist after the end of BBOTT 2. If BBOTT 2 doesn't happen, then pushing it to September puts part 1 after BB 19 is over as well.

In either case, I won't pay for CBS All Access without BB. One 24 hour a day show I will, one hour a week, nope.

There is nothing besides BB I would watch for free, much less pay for. I know this from experience of having All Access for BB in other years.

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