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Comment Crooks...of what magnitude? (Score 5, Insightful) 442

They want to catch crooks. Meanwhile, billions in dictatorships are kept down with the assistance of breaking crypto.

Are we to sacrifice them so a prosecutor can get a notch or two on his belt once in a great while?

And what are those hundreds of millions of children living with a boot on their face...forever...worth?

Torture and murder some, you are a nasty criminal. Torture and murder hundreds of thousands, and people in free countries say you are practicing self-rule.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 164

Back in the good old days you could force delete even OS stuff that would wreck the OS, and open files that would crash the computer. This made it easy to get rid of viruses.

Whether they changed this to stop OS problems, or to stop viruses from using it to install themselves, it made virus removal harder as virus writers coopted it to prevent their own removal, when the OS people no doubt thought they had the upper hand.

Comment Re:Anything tied to Obama is bad (Score 1) 363

Politicians know all this and ignore it. When spending AKA borrowing, was increasing to near-WWII levels per capita, in good times, people wondered what would happen in the case of war or recession (or both). Clearly something would have to give.

Nope! Heave it all onto the debt.

Comment Re:"...across the country..." (Score 1) 211

"...held a series of telephone calls with small Internet service providers across the country -- from Oklahoma to Ohio, from Montana to Minnesota..."

Just FYI, for those without a map handy, that covers 8 out of 50 states, all in the midwest:
Montana to Minnesota = Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota.
Oklahoma to Ohio = Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

Again...just FYI.

He is, of course, attempting to be poetic, and thus sound clever, as he lies.

Comment Subject to concern (Score 2) 109

I've poster a dozen times how ourbown government, wanting backdoors into everything, was instantiating 1984 for billions worldwide as dictatorships used it for its real purpose, to keep their political opponents down.

Yey, we catch a few crooks. For every notch in the fed's belt, envision 100,000,000 or more with a boot on their neck...forever.

It's also not in accordance with the design principles of the US government, where the Constitution is concerned with forbidding the tools of tyrrany to begin with.

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