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Comment Re:Once again the FSF does not understand (Score 5, Insightful) 403

The fact that a web browser that I use includes things that legitimize DRM is certainly not a win for me. The only possible "win" for me is when someone creates a Firefox-based web browser that doesn't include this garbage.

I have principles I am not willing to surrender. I can see that you may not have such things. Even the mere existence of DRM is a disgrace.

Except that RIGHT NOW, TODAY, Firefox supports a plug-in architecture which allows Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight to run and play DRM-encumbered content. Just like every other major browser we've been using for the last two decades. Now they want to make a better, safer, way to do it, and people are upset?

Comment Re:Will he still be an egomaniac? (Score 1) 193

steven colbert doesn't even have an 'act' without his schtick.. and with or without it, he's gonna crash and burn, conan-style, in the big chair. i give it a year, tops, before someone else is brought in and colbert is chased back to cable.

He doesn't have an act, that you've seen. Have you ever seen him out of character? The man is brilliant, and I'm excited to see what he does with the new role.

Comment Re:Thank you for replying Timothy (Score 1) 2219

Thanks for your response. Keep them coming.

What I think would help the most is to display a small box at the top of every page on the beta site that lists all the major problems you've identified that you know have to be fixed before the new site can become the default. Ideally, each one should be a link to a page that explains the problem in more detail. This will help us to understand that you really are listening, and trust you not to plow ahead with something that's obviously currently broken.

The problem isn't that the beta site is broken. The problem is that we don't trust you to fix it, because we don't understand why you broke it in the first place and we're afraid you don't think it's broken. Please, put our fears to rest! :-)

Comment Re:Comment filter (Score 1) 2219

I tried the beta this morning. There was no obvious way to show only the comments rated 4* and above. There are ways of seeing funny or insightful posts, but you don't get to control how many.

Did you notice the little gear menu, to the right of the links for funny/insightful/etc.?

What does seem to be missing is collapsed comments - comments that are scored below a certain threshold being displayed as a single line that I can click on to expand them.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 2219

I don't think you have understood. We don't want you to slow down. We want you to stop; reverse; appologise for being so out of touch with your user base; and promise to never do anything so stupid again.

Not quite. That's what we THINK we want. What we REALLY want is slightly different.

We don't want you to say you'll slow down, because we hear that as "continue to do exactly the same boneheaded thing you were going to do, just delayed for awhile."

But we don't really want you to stop and go backwards. What we want is for you to make sure that you're not leaving anything important behind when you do move forward. Lots of us have our own little irritations with things we consider to be "broken" in the beta site - my big one is that I couldn't see a way to set up abbreviated comments (where I see only a single line for comments that are scored below my threshold, but I can click on it if I decide I want to expand any specific comment). I have that now, but on the beta site, it appears to be missing. Others have complained about other functionality that seems to be missing. We need to be assured that you're not going to plow ahead without these features.

That doesn't mean you have to go backwards, because Lord knows the old site has some issues that need fixing. But remember that if you alienate your user base in an attempt to attract more users, you'll be left with nothing, because the existing user base is the only thing that makes Slashdot worth a damn. Nobody comes here to read your content, they come here to read ours.

Comment Re:And that's exactly what I asked for. (Score 1) 2219

I could go on with this list extensively, but know that your audience understands this kind of marketspeak and translate it immediately into "We follow this policy that we know you will hate because we think it will improve our revenue."

...EVEN IF THAT'S NOT HOW YOU MEANT IT. Understand that we'll translate it this way anyway, so be careful what you say.

Comment Re:And that's exactly what I asked for. (Score 1) 2219

The comment system isn't finished yet, that's for sure

But that's the most frustrating thing of all! This is /. Comments should have been the first thing you got right. The comments make the site.

Alternately, if you know the comment system isn't finished but want to get people testing everything else so you can fix those bugs first, great! Understand that the comments are what makes Slashdot worth anything, and therefore the comment system is the metric by which the average Slashdotter will judge everything else that you do. So, put a big obnoxious warning at the top of every page on the beta site saying "Hey guys, we know comments are broken, we're still working on that part! Please give us feedback on everything else for now. Specifically, we know we have the following problems which we plan to fix before rolling this out to everyone..."

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