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Comment Re:I've said it before ... (Score 1) 222

A lot of modern smartphones and tablets have HDMI output, so you can carry them around in your pocket and plug them in to a big screen plus a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Of course, then you're stuck with a somewhat underpowered device with a UI that's designed for a 5" screen and doesn't scale well to a larger display.

That said, I'd love for someone to resurrect the Samsung research project from about 10 years ago that did partial migration with Xen. They had a demo where they ran a VM on a phone, then plugged it into a big computer and used the OS hotplug facilities to make it think that it now had more cores, more RAM, and some extra peripherals, in a NUMA arrangement: memory pages were automatically faulted across between the machines by the hypervisor and if the scheduler moved a process to the fast CPUs it would eventually move over. The only real problem was that everything broke horribly if you unplugged the phone before migrating everything back, but that could be solved by providing a dock that doesn't release the phone until it's either powered off or everything is migrated back. This arrangement let you use a small mobile device for everyday computing, but move large workloads transparently to more powerful compute resources when you needed them.

Comment Re:longer lifetime (Score 1) 222

We typically have a 3-year rolling upgrade program, but my work laptop is now 4 years old. The newer Intel CPUs are only about 20-30% faster and until they start supporting LPDDR4, I'm stuck with a choice of 16GB of RAM (the same as my current machine) or a crappy battery life (10W+ idle power consumption for 32GB of DDR4). GPUs are quite a bit faster, but I don't use the GPU much for work.

Comment Twenty Years (Score 2) 7

BridgePort Brewpub has hosted Slashdot's 10th, 15th, and now 20th anniversary parties. Come out this Friday, October 20 to celebrate two decades of a one-of-a-kind site. Friends, food, and discussions about news for nerds and stuff that matters will fill the evening. Don't miss it!

Submission + - Samba running on Windows ! (

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: Report from the Samba Team on the storage developers conference, plus a trip to the Microsoft Campus in which we got Samba running on Windows (the Linux subsystem). What strange times we live in !

Comment Two words: Harvey Weinstein (Score 1) 149

Or enjoy playing with them. Poison their data well. Create false information about yourself. Get creative and have exciting new hobbies. Have fun with it and explore the exiting world of being a product. [examples...]

Reminds me of the "defamation service" suggested by some people in the '80s. Idea was to hire a servince to spread lots of scandalous, but clearly false if examined closely, rumor about you, in order to discredit any other rumors about you later.

Problem is, that puts too high a bar on the rumor-hearers. If they DON'T go on to the discrediting stage, you've just trashed your own rep for no gain - and lots of potential loss.

Scandalous rumor (especially if true, but false can do it, too) can take down even a rich and powerful figure VERY fast. See Harvey Weinstein for an example of fast, JonBenet Ramsey's parents for an example of false.

Comment Re:dongle (Score 4, Interesting) 343

Then get a dual USB A/USB C flash drive. It's the same as saying I looked for my Zip drive but couldn't remember where the Ultrawide SCSI cable's just a transitory point in time whilst people switch over.

I personally guess this will be five to seven years before you start seeing desktops without USB A, but you've got to start somewhere.

Comment Re: I can't fathom... (Score 2) 60

I wouldn't put pet photos in the same category as pet massages. I have dogs - I like looking at and showing people pictures of my dogs (mostly to other dog owners). I wouldn't dream of getting them a pet massage, but I'd be quite happy to quickly sort through pictures of my two different labradors and my half-a-beagle.

Comment Re:What?!!! (Score 1) 50

Those Russian basta... Oh, um, well, thank you for pointing out this vulnerability.

Now that the US is pressuring people to dump their product, they should only tell their customers - at least for a week or two - when they find big new threat like this.

Want the warnings in a timely fashion? Pay up! B-)

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