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Comment Re:DNS (Score 1) 620

how would his second form work with subdomains? the name of a server is a distinct piece of information from the path to some piece of data on that server. if everything's a slash, there's no obvious way to distinguish between the two. "com/example/foo/bar" could mean either "" or "", both of which are perfectly valid.

Comment Re:Sure it does (Score 1) 107

Most university research groups do not have funds to buy bits of computing time here and there. For a project like this, the research group more likely has a dedicated computing cluster bought with grant money or sponsor money.

Comment Re:Some people fear guns like they fear bugs (Score 1) 746

Symbolic speech is all well and good, but the trigger-happy cop who mistakes you for a rifle-toting terrorist is going to shoot first and ask questions later. There's no reason to put yourself at risk by openly carrying around something that resembles a weapon unless you intend to use it.

Comment Questionable. (Score 1) 882

There are many fine traffic modeling journals out there. Physical Review E is not one of them. More telling is the lack of any references to any transportation journal articles regarding traffic flow models. While cellular automata approaches to modeling traffic flow have become increasingly popular in the last two decades, nothing in the abstract or citations leads me to believe they used an established traffic flow model.

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