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Comment Re:Another contributor to productivity invisibilit (Score 1) 597

The uber coder could have batted that out in an afternoon, but instead spent a week ensuring that histogrammer behind the report was multi-core aware and could scale to billions of data points without dragging the system to its knees.

That is all good except that it may be totally useless. The solution may be scalable for millions of data BUT if the application never needs to handle more than a few thousands of data, then the solution is just over engineering.

The ubbercoder should have implemented a good, simple, correct solution that fits the data that the application must actually deal with. Instead, he just wasted time playing with himself.

There are limits...

Comment Re:Streisand effect! (Score 1) 222

I actually came across the video a week or so ago... watched a few seconds and dispatched the link to a friend of mine's that is a Zelda-addict.

And I probably wasn't gonna go to the site again.

Then I saw this on slashdot... and my interest went up and I started to look for it on torrent sites.

Funny stuff.

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